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Mitsubishi Unveils Revolutionary Electric Pickup Truck – New EVs Tease a Greener Future

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Mitsubishi recently announced a new plan over the next five years, which includes launching sixteen cars across the world. Nine of them will be electric-powered, such as a truck.

Mitsubishi has a goal of having half of their cars be electrified vehicles by 2030, and all of them by 2035. These electrified vehicles include hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles.

Mitsubishi already has nine electric vehicles, one of which is a special crossover from its partner Renault called the ASX. This vehicle offers two types of powertrains: “mild-hybrid” and “plug-in hybrid”. Other electric car models coming out soon are an electric version of the Renault Clio (called Colt) and an Xpander minivan.

Mitsubishi hasn’t said anything about their electric truck, but Nissan (their partner) has mentioned that they are looking at selling an electric truck in the US soon. It’s likely Mitsubishi’s version was created with help from Nissan.

Mitsubishi has a plan to make seven cars over the next five years that use an internal-combustion engine instead of electricity. One of them is a new pickup – it’s going to be based off their Triton (L200) truck which they sell in other countries.

Mitsubishi is in the works of making two new types of SUVs – a three-row SUV and a bigger one with a frame. They are calling this second type “Pickup Passenger Vehicle”. It could replace their current Pajero Sport model sold in other countries. To make these vehicles, Mitsubishi plans to spend 30% more on research and capital expenses over the next 6 years than what they have spent during the last 6 years.

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