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Discovering the Exciting New Digital Screens of the 2024 Ford Mustang

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The 2024 Ford Mustang is getting an upgrade. It won’t get a new design, but it will get some updates on the inside. People driving this Mustang can look forward to the Sync 4 infotainment system, which comes with a 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster and a 13.2-inch touchscreen to make their experience even more enjoyable – all of this under one single piece of glass!

This week, we went to Farmington Hills, Michigan to learn about the brand new system being used in the Mustang. What this basically means is that it can connect you with lots of cool features and functions – both old and new ones. Plus, the techy graphics are so awesome!

Ford just added Sync 4 to their Mustang car. It’s more powerful than Sync 3, can be automatically updated online and it uses the graphics from video games like first-person shooters. With this setup, you can control some of the functions on your touchscreen using different animations that are also available.

The Sync 4 system will change the pictures on both your car’s dashboard and touchscreen display. Let me explain how.

Customize your Car’s Instrument Panel for the Ultimate Driving Experience!

The instrument panel (IP) of your car is customizable with up to five different themes: Normal, Sport, Track, Fox Body ’87-’93 and Calm. These themes are connected to the car’s drive modes, with the Normal theme for Slippery mode and Track theme for Drag Strip mode. For any of the Custom drive modes you can pick any of those five themes.

The IP has digital gauges that tell you how fast you’re going, plus a central display with 10 different kinds of info. Most of these can be changed based on settings in the touchscreen displayed in front of you. The Driver Assistance screen always shows up, but you have the option to view things like your distance traveled, fuel economy, and readings from other gauges.

Unlock Your Car’s Potential with Launch Settings and Control

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The Sync 4 system removed a lot of buttons, but you can still find six on it. It’s below the center screen, between two air vents. One of those buttons has a star that can be programmed for launch control. The other buttons include auto hold for stop lights, exhaust setting, rev match for cars with 6-speed manual transmission, and Calm IP screen. Plus, there’s one button to manage the windshield defroster. You can control all the climate settings through touchscreen located at the bottom when using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

One of the dashboard buttons is a picture of a Mustang. When you press it, the MyMustang screen will pop up and you can make several different settings. On that page, you have the option to choose either three or five different vehicle gauges out of nine possible choices. These gauges are: engine oil pressure, inlet air temperature, vacuum, battery voltage, engine oil temperature, accelerometer, air/fuel ratio, axle oil temperature, and cylinder head temperature.

MyColor is a setting that lets you customize the colors of your digital screens and ambient lighting. It has 28 colors to choose from! There’s an IP cluster theme and also an Exhaust Mode.

You can set up a Custom Drive Mode with different kinds of profiles – up to six! You can do this by pressing the buttons on the left side of the steering wheel, then selecting one of the base modes on the center screen And when you’re done, you can make adjustments and create your Custom Drive Mode.

The MyMustang app lets you change certain settings on your car. These include dampers (normal, sport, track or drag), steering (comfort, normal, sport, sport+ or track) and the exhaust sound (quiet, normal, sport or track). There’s also a stability control setting (On or off) and an auto start/stop setting (On or off). Some of these settings won’t be available depending on what drive mode you chose.

That’s not all! This app also has nine cool Track Apps which allow you to customize your car even more.

This tool measures your speed between 0-30 mph, 0-60 mph, 0-100 mph and shows how fast you can cover ¼ mile and 1/8 mile. Also, you can choose from three start options that are automatic, like pressing a button, or using drag race lights on the track or responding to the track race lights. It also helps in understanding your car’s brake performance with 60-0 mph and 100-0 mph timing data. Plus, it can save up to three tracks with an editable name for each one.

The shift indicator works to let drivers know when it’s time to shift gears in their car. For example, it can be a light, an audio tone, or both, and can be customized to occur between 4,000-7,000 rotations per minute (rpm). There is also the option of having a drag light that will glow above and below the tachometer (a device used to measure revs), or a track light that starts wide and then narrows towards the shifting point and ending with a blue light. Once you reach 7,500 rpm on your tachometer the light turns red – indicating you need to shift down gears.

The drift brake allows you to do wild drifting and turning around like you see in the movies. There’s a lever on the center console that comes with it to help you lock the back wheels for cool drifts.

And with Line Lock, letting your front brakes stay on while you floor it from behind, you can make awesome burnouts! All that has to be done is step on the brake, activate it from the screen, and then let the Line Lock do its thing.

Launch settings and control are important when you are driving. In the launch settings, you can adjust the RPMs which your car will have (2,500-7,000), as well as activate launch control. To use launch control, press down on the brakes and wait for the light to come on; once it does, step on the gas pedal all the way to get a big boost forward. You can also choose whether or not to use rev match in manual transmissions cars – if it’s on or off is up to you.

The All-New Ford Mustang

Some cars have the same size screen but it is connected to a single piece of glass in more expensive models and separate in less expensive versions. The processor and options are the same, although lower-priced cars do not come with features such as magnetic dampers which are included in higher-priced models.

The Mustang also has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that you can control wirelessly. You will get to see one third of your center screen showing what radio station you have on right now but you won’t be able to change the station from there.

The Ford Mustang in 2024 will be a totally advanced version with lots of great features. People who love and know the Mustang, will recognize things like Launch Control and Line Lock. Plus, it’s also got some new neat stuff like Drift Brake and digital speedometers.

We can’t wait to use the new digital environment when we take the car for a spin later this year in June!

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