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Review: 2024 Porsche 911 S/T – A Pure Driving Marvel

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Porsche 911 S/T Review

Navigating California’s wine country along the damp stretch of Highway 128, the roaring melody from the 4.0-liter German flat-6 engine fills the air, unimpeded by sound insulation materials. Known for its lightweight and naturally aspirated configuration, the 911 GT3 is outdone by the limited-edition 911 S/T, which elevates the concept of a raw, purist-driven vehicle to new heights.

The heart of this auditory symphony is the 911 GT3 RS’s engine, although it eschews the extensive aerodynamics and track-adjustment features of its sibling. Instead, the 911 S/T surpasses the GT3 with reduced weight and an enhanced driving connection.

Porsche 911 Deep Dive

The S/T variant’s engine produces an intense, unrivaled auditory experience that overshadows other 911 models. The cabin, devoid of significant soundproofing, becomes a concert hall for the flat-6’s roar, making conversation challenging but thrilling for car enthusiasts. Every mechanical note, from the flywheel’s rattle to the powertrain’s hum, is discernible, especially at high revs.

2024 Porsche 911 S/T’s Distinctiveness

The engine, shared with the GT3 RS, generates 518 hp and 342 lb-ft of torque. Unlike its counterpart’s dual-clutch automatic, the S/T pairs this power with a 6-speed manual transmission, complete with a short-throw shifter and lightweight flywheel. This unique setup offers an unmatched driving engagement within the 911 family, characterized by louder, quicker, and more intense responses.

Remarkably, the S/T’s flywheel is 22 pounds lighter than the GT3’s manual version, contributing to a free-revving engine that eagerly reaches its 9,000 rpm limit. Gear shifts are more efficient, thanks to 8% shorter ratios and a shifter that’s compact compared to other 911 models. The light clutch and standard rev-matching feature enhance the driving experience, urging drivers to push the S/T to its limits.

This combination of powertrain modifications and reduced weight makes the S/T the quickest naturally aspirated 911 in the 0-60 mph sprint, clocking in at 3.2 seconds. Despite a slightly lower top speed than the GT3, its acceleration is relentless and exhilarating.

Handling and Weight Reduction

The S/T’s performance is further boosted by reductions in rotating mass, including carbon-ceramic brakes and magnesium wheels. Weight savings extend throughout the vehicle, with a lithium-ion battery, lightweight carpet, and extensive use of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic. The absence of rear seats and rear-wheel steering further lightens the car to a mere 3,056 pounds, the lightest in the 911 series.

Dynamic changes, like a slower steering ratio, are part of Porsche’s back-to-basics approach for the S/T, focusing on purist driving pleasure without multiple driving modes.

Driving Impressions

On these rain-drenched roads, the S/T’s handling prowess is evident, though a full assessment awaits better weather. The steering feels responsive and well-weighted, and despite the conditions, the Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires maintain impressive grip. The car’s lighter weight enhances its already excellent stability and cornering capabilities.

The S/T’s ride quality, surprisingly, surpasses the GT3 Touring, thanks to specific tuning adjustments. It remains firm yet more forgiving on uneven surfaces, a testament to Porsche’s engineering focus.

Exclusivity and Pricing

The 911 S/T’s cabin blends minimalism with modern connectivity and unique design elements. Its release commemorates the 60th anniversary of the 911, with a limited production run reflecting the car’s debut year. However, exclusivity comes at a significant cost, and Porsche has implemented a lease-first policy to encourage genuine driving enjoyment among its buyers.

In summary, the 2024 Porsche 911 S/T is a testament to driving purity. Its responsive engine, dynamic handling, and minimalist approach make it a unique offering for Porsche enthusiasts and a standout in the 911 lineup. This experience was brought to you by AutoMotorMart, courtesy of Porsche’s hospitality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Porsche 911 S/T Review

What is the 2024 Porsche 911 S/T?

The 2024 Porsche 911 S/T is a limited-edition, high-performance sports car known for its lightweight design and pure driving experience. It features a 4.0-liter flat-6 engine from the 911 GT3 RS, delivering 518 hp and 342 lb-ft of torque, paired with a 6-speed manual transmission.

How does the 2024 Porsche 911 S/T differ from the standard GT3?

The 2024 Porsche 911 S/T differs from the standard GT3 in its lighter weight, absence of significant soundproofing, and use of a 6-speed manual transmission. It’s designed for an even more engaging driving experience, with quicker acceleration and a more visceral sound.

What are the key features of the Porsche 911 S/T’s engine and transmission?

The Porsche 911 S/T’s engine makes 518 hp and 342 lb-ft of torque. It features a short-throw 6-speed manual transmission, a lightweight flywheel, and shorter gear ratios, enhancing the driving engagement and responsiveness.

What are the unique handling characteristics of the 2024 Porsche 911 S/T?

The 2024 Porsche 911 S/T offers exceptional handling due to its reduced weight, carbon-ceramic brakes, and magnesium wheels. It has a slowed steering ratio and specific damper tuning for a more responsive and agile driving experience.

How does the 2024 Porsche 911 S/T perform in terms of acceleration and top speed?

The 2024 Porsche 911 S/T can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds, making it the fastest naturally aspirated 911 in this aspect. Its top speed is limited to 186 mph, slightly less than the GT3, but its acceleration to this speed is quicker.

What are the main interior features of the 2024 Porsche 911 S/T?

The interior of the 2024 Porsche 911 S/T combines minimalism with modern connectivity. It features two CFRP-shell seats with four-way adjustments, a unique instrument cluster with Phosphorous Green graphics, and a digital clock on the dash.

What makes the 2024 Porsche 911 S/T a limited-edition model?

The 2024 Porsche 911 S/T is a limited-edition model commemorating the 60th anniversary of the 911, with production limited to 1,963 units in honor of the year the 911 was released. It’s inspired by the 911 S track package offered in 1969.

How much does the 2024 Porsche 911 S/T cost?

The 2024 Porsche 911 S/T is priced at $291,650 in the U.S., which is $105,000 more than the GT3 Touring. An additional Heritage Design Package is available for an extra $20,360.

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