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A Comprehensive Look at the 2023 Tesla Model Y Performance: What You Need To Know

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After Tesla released their newest electric car, the Model Y Performance, it’s safe to say that they are officially changing the game. This trend started on July 19, 2006 at Santa Monica Airport in California when they revealed their first electric car ever – The Roadster. After that, Tesla became the go-to company when it comes to making electric vehicles and changed the standard for cars of this type.

Tesla, a company led by Elon Musk started with the Model S and Model X cars in 2010. The following year, their most popular model, the Model 3 sedan was released and it is still very successful today. The Model Y is Tesla’s latest car, which is pretty much an SUV version of the Model 3 sedan.

The Tesla Model Y Performance is really fast and has a lot of space — it’s almost like you can fit an entire bedroom in there. Plus, the technology Tesla installs in their cars can keep kids entertained for hours.

Can this new electric vehicle compare to ones from big car companies as well as new makes from China and Korea?

Comparing the Tesla Model Y Performance to the Ioniq 5 and the BMW iX3

Tesla Model Y Performance
Tesla Model Y Performance

The Model Y starts at $95,300 plus extra costs. We tested it with two options: one to get a Red Mutli-Coat paint ($2400) and the other option was to upgrade its interior with Black & White Premium Interior ($1500).

We would recommend getting an all-black interior in case this car becomes your daily driver. All things considered, including price of options and additional fees, you can expect to pay about $111,306 for the Model Y Performance drive-away.

The Model Y Performance from Tesla comes in Pearl White Multi-Coat as standard, but you can pay an extra $1500 for the Solid Black, Deep Blue Metallic or Midnight Silver Metallic. The Kia EV6 is a rival car. It comes in three different models ranging from $72,590 for the base Air RWD to $99,590 for the GT version which competes against the Model Y Performance in tests.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has been changed for 2023 onwards, with prices ranging from $72,000 for the cheapest one to $85,000 for the priciest. There’s also a special ‘go-fast’ version of this car coming soon which is perfect for driving quickly on tracks!

If you want something smaller, there is the C40 Recharge Pure Electric or Genesis GV60. The BMW iX3 costs around $104,000 and it’s good but not as fast as Tesla’s Model Y.

In 2023, the Tesla Model Y car will cost $69,300 for the Rear Wheel Drive version and $95,300 for the Performance All-Wheel Drive version. These prices are without any extra charges on top of them.

Get Ready for the Ultimate High-Tech Tesla Model Y Performance Ride!

To open the doors of your Tesla Model Y Performance, you can pair your smartphone with the car or use a key card which you have to swipe on the B-pillar. You usually won’t need that key card much because as soon as you walk up to the car and stay nearby, it will automatically unlock itself. Additionally, when you walk away, it will also lock itself. Would it be easier just to use a single key fob?

Tesla cars focus on high-tech features and have this cool, huge tablet-like touchscreen in the center of the cabin. It’s all that Tesla feels you need to drive their vehicles; and it does make some sense!

Some people think it’s a good idea to buy the Tesla Model Y Performance, but others aren’t sure. Especially for this tester who did not want a daily driver without Apple CarPlay or even an digital instrument display in front of the steering wheel.

As someone who loves to use CarPlay, I was shocked when I first had to travel without it. How would I make calls, message people, check if routes were big with Waze and listen to music? There is a way to access music with Apple Music by scanning a QR Code and signing in with your Apple ID. But there’s no way of getting CarPlay or Android Auto other than getting the Tesla Mirroring App from a third party app.

Even though I’m still learning, I was amazed at how quickly I adapted to being without it. After just a few hours driving, I didn’t even notice it anymore!

My Tesla voice command was not working properly. When I asked it to take me home to Collaroy on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, it took me all the way to Colorado in the United States which was 13,400 kilometers away! I tried several times but got the same wrong result so I asked Siri for help.

The Model Y Performance has a lot of technology, but it’s also great to just drive it without any distractions like a head-up display. The front dashboard doesn’t have any knobs, buttons or dials except for the touchscreen and two scroll wheels near the steering wheel. It’s hard to decide how I feel about this.

When the Model Y Performance’s suspension is lowered, the seating position puts you in the car with a good view of the road while being prepared for some fun driving.

The steering wheel is small and feels nice to the touch. The vegan-upholstered seats feel really comfortable and supportive – probably the best ones I’ve ever sat on! Although they can be even better with adjustable side bolsters, which Elon could include in the Model Y.

The Model Y has an amazing 13-speaker sound system and it produces really, really good sound! It’s even better than some of the top brands like Harman Kardon or Bang & Olufsen. Of all the SUVs I’ve heard, this one sounds the best!

If you’re going to use the Tesla Model Y Performance as your family car, we recommend avoiding the optional white upholstery, even though it looks great and is said to be stain-resistant. Instead we suggest sticking with the standard black trim.

Tesla Model Y Performance Interior
Tesla Model Y Performance Interior

You can charge pretty much anything, like your phone, laptop and Air pods, as there’s no less than four USB-C ports for this purpose. Plus in the front, there are two wireless charging slots available too and a USB port plus 128GB storage device in the glovebox.

The vehicle has many places to store things; like three spaces near the front of the car as well as a really big bin in the middle. There are also pockets on the doors where you can store stuff too.

The Model Y’s interior has an awesome amount of space, even though it has a slanted roof with tinted glass. The legroom, headroom and flat floors in both front and backseat rows make it feel larger than many large SUVs. Plus, when you look at the total luggage capacity in the back, it’s a whopping 971 litres – including space beneath the floor!

If you press the buttons on the side, you can fold down the rear seats which gives you 2158 litres of cargo space. If you press the frunk icon on the touchscreen, then you’ll find an extra 117 litres of room! However, instead of having a spare wheel like normal cars have, there’s only a puncture repair kit.

A Power-Packed Experience

The Tesla Model Y Performance comes with a plastic liner that has been attached to it securely. It also includes charging cables and plugs you can use to charge the car at home or quickly fill up its battery.

But what really makes this car work and move is something more complex. It has two electric motors, 3D3 in the front and 3D6 in the rear, which together generate 357kW of power and 659Nm of torque.

The Tesla Model Y Performance is powered by a 75kWh battery and can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.7 seconds, which is as fast as the pricier Porsche 911 Carrera S. It can reach a top speed of 250km/h too. You can charge it at home with an AC charger for 11kW or use a faster Tesla Supercharger or CCS DC plug for 250kW. If you’re full, it’s said to last you around 511km on the WLTP standards.

Experiencing the Comfort and Performance of the Model Y Performance SUV

Driving an EV is simple: no need to turn on anything before you start the car. Just hop in, move the stick up or down and drive off. When you get to your destination, press the button at the end of the stick, exit the car and you’re good to go! You don’t even have to worry about pulling up a handbrake or touching a key fob – everything is automatic in Tesla models!

When you rev up your engine, you can easily go really fast even if there are gaps in traffic! And don’t worry about waiting at the next set of traffic lights either – just pick a free lane and you won’t even have to floor it. Just give your car a little push with the gas pedal and in no time, you’ll already be way ahead of everyone else in the line.

Unlike traditional cars, in modern ones the speedometer isn’t ahead of the driver. It’s actually found right on the touchscreen, located at eye-level in the top-right corner. So while it might take some time to get used to it, it’s still easy enough to spot and measure your speed quickly.

The Model Y Performance has one type of special brakes that work well and feel the same way like the brakes in a Porsche Taycan. It won’t take you long to get used to it, so braking usually should not be something for you to worry about.

Driving this type of electric vehicle is really cool. It can go really fast, but you find yourself not wanting to push it too hard, feeling confident that it’s faster than other cars around -all without making any noise.

The Model Y Performance car might be heavy, but it feels very light and agile because it has really good steering that makes you feel like you’re in full control. And the only two modes for driving this car are Sport or Chill – Sport is perfect for everyday driving and Chill can help you with long drives on the highway. It won’t sound as cool as BMW’s iX electric car which has special performance sounds made by a famous composer, Hanz Zimmer.

The Model Y electric car now has improved ride comfort over the regular version. This is because changes have been made to the front and rear suspension with a ‘comfort suspension’. Tesla also increased support stiffness on the shock absorbers by 50 percent, and adjusted the damping upon impact at low speeds.

Before, I found the Model 3 and standard Model Y to be very uncomfortable when riding them. Therefore, I hope that all Tesla models get an upgrade in their ride quality soon.

I tried out both of these models on bumpy roads and never felt a sharp jolt from either one of them. This is an amazing improvement for Tesla and another reason why people should choose this brand!

The Model Y Performance SUV is great to drive. You won’t feel much roll when cornering fast and it’s good to handle as long as you don’t make too sharp of a turn. It has great balance and weight, and can handle being pushed around. However, it doesn’t have the tightest turning radius, so you need to do three-point turns even on big roads!

Experience the Height of Comfort and Convenience with Model Y RWD!

Model Y RWD is a car that customizes itself to make all your journeys comfortable, easy and safe! Here are some of its awesome features:

  • You’ll get 19-inch alloy wheels for smooth riding on the roads.
  • Adaptive LED headlights helps you drive even in dark nights.
  • The interior is Black vegan fabric which looks and feels amazing.
  • It has 5 seats so you can fit your whole family in one car.
  • High definition 15 inch touchscreen gives you access to entertainment and navigation systems while driving, plus live prices from the network map.
  • The side and rear view cameras will help you park without a hassle and be aware of other drivers’ movements easily.
  • With dual wireless phone chargers built into the system, charging your device will never be an issue.
  • As well as 4 USB ports (2 front & 2 rear) for more convenience, it also comes with 128 GB of storage space for Sentry camera systems .
  • All these features are backed up by a 13 speaker sound system for high quality music!
  • Last but not least; 12 way power adjustable front seat adds extra comfort during long drives.
  • A spoiler made of carbon fiber.

This car has lots of comfort and convenience features like front & rear heated seats, a heated wheel and tinted glass roof. It also comes with HEPA air filtration, dual-zone climate control, power folding auto dimming side mirrors, custom driver profiles and a smart phone app for easy access. Plus it has electronic fold-flat rear seat releases, 21 inch Uberturbine wheels, performance brakes and lowered suspension to enhance your driving experience. You’ll also get an increased top speed of 250km/h up from 217km/h!


Tesla Model Y Performance Autopilot
Tesla Model Y Performance Autopilot

Enhanced Autopilot ($5100) adds certain features to your car, like Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Autopark and Summon. Smart Summon is also included in this package. For an extra $10,100 you can get the Full Self-Driving Capability which includes all the stuff from Enhanced Autopilot as well as things like Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control. We’ve got an even better surprise for you – soon you’ll be able to automatically steer your car on city streets!

Become Safe and Secure with the Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y got the best score out of all 30 cars tested in 2022. ANCAP awarded it a five-star rating, also giving it the highest average score – 97% for adult occupant protection, 89% for child occupants, 82% for other people on the street and 98% for safety assist technologies. It has lots of safety features to protect you when you’re travelling in it.

The Tesla Model Y has some really cool features, like 7 airbags for safety, a camera system that helps you with reversing and parking, Adaptive Cruise Control so your car can automatically slow down and speed up based on the traffic situation, Automatic High Beam to make driving at night easier, and even something called Intelligent Speed Limiter which tells you when you are going too fast. Plus it also includes an extra special feature – Sentry Mode – that monitors everything happening inside and outside the vehicle using nine cameras.

It’s really cool and reassuring to be able to check out the car inside and outside, honk the horn, and flash the lights with your phone via a Tesla App once you’ve set up an account.

The Power of Tesla

A Comprehensive Look at the 2023 Tesla Model Y Performance: What You Need To Know 2023 Tesla Model Y Performance 14

Tesla offers a four-year warranty that covers up to 80,000 kilometers. But if you get an all wheel drive model vehicle, they offer a battery and drive unit warranty with an eight year coverage left. That battery will still maintain at least 70% life by the time it reaches 192,000 kilometers.

Tesla suggests that you get your brakes checked every two years, change the air filters inside your car every two years, get a new HEPA filter after three years, and do an air-conditioner service once every four years. It’s also important to balance and rotate your tires regularly.

The Model Y Performance car uses 15.4kWh (kilowatt-hours) of energy for every 100km it runs. With an AC charging box at home, you can fully charge the battery in around 8 hours and 15 minutes. Or if you use a Tesla Supercharger, that time gets cut down to 27 minutes instead.

Tesla is something special because it gives access to its Supercharger network with over 50 charging stations all around Australia, and they even offer many other ways of charging quickly too.

Tesla Model Y Performance

When it comes to looks, the Tesla Model Y Performance is pretty ugly from all angles. Inside, there are some weird issues like no driver’s instrument display or HUD and no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto – so those might be problems for some people.

Most carmakers offer warranties up to five years or longer, with Mitsubishi offering seven! But that doesn’t matter when it comes to the Tesla Model Y Performance — it has all you need to get behind the wheel and drive in style.

The Tesla car is super fast, very comfortable and it also has awesome technology that other cars do not have. Plus, it has enough space for both passengers and luggage that even bigger families can fit in without any issues!

Tesla’s Supercharger network helps with the overall car usage and it’s better than the services offered by most of its rivals. On top of all this, you get an amazing deal compared to other similarly priced premium cars.

Is Tesla Model Y performance fast?

Yes, the Tesla Model Y Performance is very fast. It has a 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds, making it one of the fastest electric vehicles on the market. It also has a top speed of 155 mph.

How much will the Tesla Model Y performance cost?

The Tesla Model Y Performance starts at $60,990.

What is the difference between Model Y and performance?

Model Y is a mid-size all-electric SUV from Tesla, while Performance is a performance version of the Model Y with an enhanced powertrain and exterior styling. The Performance version of the Model Y has a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system, a top speed of 155 mph, and a range of up to 315 miles. It also has an improved suspension system and a performance braking system.

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