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This carbon-bodied Porsche 912 weighs less than 1,600 pounds

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Carbon-fiber Porsche 912c

A Hungarian company renowned for its Porsche 912 modifications, KAMM, unveiled a noteworthy enhancement on Monday: a complete carbon-fiber option that significantly diminishes the curb weight of the iconic sports car, bringing it down to a mere 1,541 pounds.

The Porsche 912, introduced by Porsche during the 1960s as an accessible alternative to the 911, originally incorporated a flat-4 engine inherited from the older 356 model. While this powerplant produced a modest 90 hp output, it contributed to the car’s lightweight character, distinguishing it from its sibling, the 911, which boasted a heavier flat-6 engine. KAMM has taken this lightweight foundation even further by shedding additional pounds.

Notably, KAMM crafts all its carbon-fiber body panels in-house, achieving a remarkable weight reduction of more than 662 pounds when compared to a stock 912. This alteration also results in a more balanced weight distribution, approaching the coveted 50:50 ratio. Buyers can select from a range of paint finishes, with the option of exposed carbon fiber for those seeking a distinct aesthetic.

The comprehensive 912c package offered by KAMM encompasses not only the carbon body but also a more potent iteration of the 912’s flat-4 engine (with the final power figure yet to be determined). Additionally, the package includes custom aerodynamics to enhance high-speed stability and diminish wind noise, a modern air-conditioning system, and contemporary infotainment features. KAMM provides further personalization options, such as custom seat designs and carbon-fiber wheels.

The pricing for the 912c package commences at 360,000 euros, approximately $393,250, excluding the donor car. KAMM offers the convenience of sourcing the base vehicle for an additional 40,000 euros ($43,700). Alternatively, there is a semi-carbon option available, retaining the steel roof and rear fenders, which provides a more budget-friendly choice, reducing the weight savings by only 110 pounds.

For those intrigued by this offering, KAMM is currently accepting orders and anticipates commencing deliveries in 2024. This transformation promises to infuse new life into the classic Porsche 912, marrying the timeless allure of the original design with cutting-edge engineering and performance enhancements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Carbon-fiber Porsche 912c

What is the Porsche 912c by KAMM?

The Porsche 912c by KAMM is a modified version of the classic Porsche 912, featuring a full carbon-fiber body that significantly reduces its curb weight, making it a lightweight sports car.

How much does the carbon-fiber body reduce the Porsche 912’s weight?

KAMM’s carbon-fiber body panels reduce the weight of the Porsche 912 by more than 662 pounds when compared to a stock 912.

What are the enhancements included in the 912c package?

The 912c package not only includes the carbon-fiber body but also offers a more powerful version of the 912’s flat-4 engine, custom aerodynamics for improved high-speed stability, modern air-conditioning, and infotainment systems. Optional extras like custom seat designs and carbon-fiber wheels are also available.

How much does the 912c package cost?

The pricing for the 912c package starts at 360,000 euros (approximately $393,250), excluding the donor car. KAMM can source the donor car for an additional 40,000 euros ($43,700). There is also a semi-carbon option available at a lower cost.

When can I expect deliveries of the KAMM Porsche 912c?

KAMM is currently accepting orders for the Porsche 912c and plans to start deliveries in 2024.

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PorscheLover67 December 18, 2023 - 6:49 pm

KAMM did it again, their mods always rock, this 912c is lit! Can’t wait 4 2024.

ClassicCarFanatic December 18, 2023 - 9:29 pm

Keeping the steel roof and fenders is a good deal, saves $$$ and still fast.

CarEnthusiast22 December 18, 2023 - 11:32 pm

wow, this car sounds super cool! 1600 pounds, that’s crazy light, must be crazy fast! I wanna drive it!!


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