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The story behind Trans Am Worldwide’s 70/SS Chevelle tribute

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Chevelle Tribute

The narrative surrounding Trans Am Worldwide’s 70/SS Chevelle tribute vehicle

Trans Am Worldwide’s 70/SS pays homage to the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport, boasting an impressive power output exceeding 1,500 horsepower, a manual transmission, and a design steeped in nostalgic charm.

Although the convertible muscle car was initially unveiled in 2022, Trans Am Worldwide has recently released an in-depth video that provides a deeper insight into the car’s origins and specifications.

Trans Am Worldwide is the sister company of Trans Am Depot, comprised of the same talented team behind the creation of Pontiac Firebird Trans Am tributes, including the iconic Burt Reynolds-endorsed Bandit Trans Am and the high-performance 455 Super Duty Trans Am. These projects were based on the Chevrolet Camaro as their starting point.

The Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS, like some of its predecessors, utilizes the General Motors Alpha platform, the foundation for the current-generation Camaro. However, achieving the iconic appearance of the 1970 Chevelle required some modifications. The 70/SS is notably wider by 6.0 inches compared to a factory Alpha-platform car and longer by 14.0 inches, featuring new carbon fiber body panels. To ensure authenticity, Trans Am Worldwide consulted original GM schematics for replicating the hood stripes.

While styling played a pivotal role in the decision to create a tribute to the 1970 Chevelle, it held a personal connection for Trans Am Worldwide’s co-founder, Tom Warmack. He fondly recalls his mother’s Chevelle from his childhood, describing it as a cherished family vehicle that faithfully transported them. Remarkably, the first 70/SS produced by the company was painted green, reminiscent of his family’s Chevelle.

Despite its foundation in the sixth-generation Camaro, the interior of the 70/SS received retro touches. The digital instrument cluster features the original 1970 Chevelle typeface, the seats are upholstered to mimic the style of the 1970s, and a classic Hurst shifter was skillfully integrated.

True to the spirit of the Chevelle SS, a V-8 engine is at the heart of the 70/SS, and Trans Am Worldwide provides multiple options. The base model is equipped with GM’s naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V-8, the LT-1, generating 450 horsepower sent to the rear wheels. For those seeking more power, the engine can be supercharged to deliver 650 horsepower. The mid-level offering, known as the 396, also features supercharging and increases displacement to 6.4 liters (396 cubic inches), resulting in an impressive 900 horsepower.

For the most discerning enthusiasts, Trans Am Worldwide offers a top-tier variant, limited to just 25 units. These cars are equipped with Trans Am Worldwide’s LS6/X 454 twin-turbo engine, producing a staggering 1,500 horsepower at the rear wheels when using E85 fuel. While a manual transmission is available, buyers can opt for an automatic transmission as well.

Pricing for the 70/SS starts at $165,000, though Trans Am Worldwide has indicated that customization and optional features can significantly raise the final cost. All models will be convertibles, but the company is actively developing a removable hardtop option.

For a more comprehensive look at this remarkable tribute car, we invite you to watch the accompanying video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Chevelle Tribute

What is the Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS Chevelle Tribute?

The Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS Chevelle Tribute is a meticulously crafted modern vehicle paying homage to the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport. It combines nostalgic design elements with cutting-edge performance.

What sets the 70/SS apart from other modern cars?

The 70/SS stands out due to its design inspired by the iconic 1970 Chevelle. It’s wider and longer than a standard Alpha-platform car and features carbon fiber body panels. Inside, it embraces a retro feel with a vintage-style instrument cluster, upholstered seats, and a classic Hurst shifter.

What engine options are available?

Trans Am Worldwide offers a range of powerful V-8 engines. The base model is equipped with the GM LT-1 naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V-8, producing 450 horsepower. For more power, you can opt for a supercharged version, pushing it to 650 horsepower. The mid-level option, the 396, is supercharged, delivering around 900 horsepower. The top-tier variant, limited to 25 units, boasts a mind-blowing LS6/X 454 twin-turbo engine, generating 1,500 horsepower when using E85 fuel.

What transmission choices are offered?

Buyers have the flexibility to choose between a manual transmission and an automatic transmission, catering to their driving preferences.

What is the starting price for the 70/SS Chevelle Tribute?

The base price for the Trans Am Worldwide 70/SS Chevelle Tribute starts at $165,000. However, customization and optional features can significantly increase the final cost.

Is there a hardtop option available?

While all models are convertibles, Trans Am Worldwide is actively developing a removable hardtop option for those who prefer a closed-roof configuration.

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