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Kahn Design launches Racing Green customization program

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Kahn Design Introduces Racing Green Customization Program with the 2023 Range Rover Fintail Edition

Kahn Design, the renowned British tuner, has unveiled its latest creation – the Range Rover Racing Green Fintail Edition. This stunning vehicle marks the inaugural project from Kahn’s newly launched Racing Green customization program. Coincidentally, the release of this model also commemorates the 20th anniversary of Kahn’s first-ever Range Rover offering.

The latest Range Rover by Kahn embraces a new level of personalization, with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) going the extra mile to cater to individual tastes. Buyers can now opt for their favorite colors through a match-to-sample paint option, ensuring their vehicle reflects their unique style. The cabin boasts a wide range of materials, including exquisite ceramics with embossed patterns, further elevating the luxury experience.

Keeping in line with the performance-oriented theme of the Racing Green program, Kahn offers exclusive wheels, body elements, and an extensive array of cabin customization possibilities.

The Range Rover Racing Green Fintail Edition proudly showcases the results of this customization endeavor. The aero package includes a front fascia extension with an integrated lip spoiler, chunky side skirts, and a rear diffuser featuring additional stabilizing fins – thus earning it the “Fintail” name. To pay homage to history, Kahn has introduced a new three-spoke wheel design inspired by Princess Diana’s 1995 Range Rover.

Inside the vehicle, the cabin modifications are tastefully refined, with the addition of new quilted leather on the seats. The perforated leather comes in various patterns for the quilting and offers the option of contrast stitching, adding a touch of elegance to the interior.

Kahn has exciting plans to expand the Range Rover and Racing Green programs, with further updates and announcements scheduled for the near future. Car enthusiasts and luxury seekers can eagerly anticipate more unparalleled customization options from Kahn Design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Keyword: Racing Green customization program

What is the Kahn Racing Green customization program all about?

The Kahn Racing Green customization program is a new offering from Kahn Design, a British tuner, which allows buyers to personalize their vehicles with a focus on luxury and performance.

What is the Range Rover Racing Green Fintail Edition?

The Range Rover Racing Green Fintail Edition is the first project under Kahn’s Racing Green program. It features an aero package with unique body elements, exclusive wheels, and cabin enhancements, reflecting the program’s performance-oriented theme.

How can buyers customize their Range Rover through this program?

Buyers can personalize their Range Rovers with a match-to-sample paint option, choosing their favorite colors. The cabin offers various material options, including ceramics with embossed patterns. Additionally, they can opt for unique wheel designs and extensive cabin customizations to suit their preferences.

What is the significance of the 2023 Range Rover Fintail Edition?

The 2023 Range Rover Fintail Edition marks the 20th anniversary of Kahn Design’s first Range Rover offering, making it a special and commemorative release.

Are there plans for further expansions of the Racing Green program?

Yes, Kahn Design has announced that there are plans for more options and updates for both the Range Rover and the Racing Green program in the near future, offering even more choices for automotive enthusiasts.

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AutoFanatic23 July 21, 2023 - 2:04 am

kahn’s racing green program is da bomb! da fintail edition is da perfecshun of luxury n speed. check out dem cool wheels n aero package!

CarLover321 July 21, 2023 - 4:29 am

been waitin’ 4 this kahn range rover! i heard bout da 20th anniversry. i’m soooo excited 4 all da personalisashun options. gotta get 1 soon!

LuxuryRides July 21, 2023 - 4:57 am

wow, kahn’s new range rover is amazin! i want 2 personalise mine wif ceramics n contrast stitchin. cant wait 4 more options frm racing green!

CarEnthusiast94 July 21, 2023 - 4:24 pm

kahn design’s racing green customizashun program soundz reely cool. i luv how they let u choose yer fave color n stuff. i want dat fintail editon rite now!


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