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“Holy grail” of EV battery tech unlocks 6-minute recharge times

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In a groundbreaking development, U.K.-based startup Nyobolt has made a significant stride in battery technology, potentially revolutionizing the charging time for electric vehicles (EVs). According to Nyobolt’s recent announcement, they have achieved what is often referred to as the “holy grail” of battery tech, enabling EVs to fully charge in less than 6 minutes. This remarkable advancement is slated to enter production by 2024.

By significantly reducing charging times, Nyobolt’s breakthrough has the potential to bridge the convenience gap between EVs and traditional gasoline cars. Currently, charging an EV takes considerably longer than refueling with gas. However, with faster charging, EVs can become more comparable in terms of everyday convenience. This advancement also offers the advantage of reducing range anxiety and allowing for the use of smaller battery packs.

To showcase the capabilities of their technology, Nyobolt collaborated with Callum, the renowned design firm founded by automotive designer Ian Callum, to create an electric sports car. The vehicle, designed by Julian Thomson, the mastermind behind the original Lotus Elise, bears a resemblance to the lightweight sports car, which served as the basis for the Tesla Roadster. Notably wider and longer, the car features exterior cameras instead of traditional mirrors.

According to Nyobolt’s press release, the electric sports car weighs around 2,200 pounds, thanks in part to its carbon-fiber bodywork, and utilizes a relatively small 35-kWh battery pack. Remarkably, a 6-minute charge provides a range of 155 miles, with the potential to add up to 1,600 miles of range per hour of charging.

While Nyobolt has not disclosed specific production plans for the sports car, they emphasize their readiness for a “rapid scale-up” of their battery technology. The startup has conducted extensive testing, including over 2,000 fast-charge cycles, which demonstrated minimal performance degradation. Nyobolt is also actively promoting the application of their battery tech in other sectors, such as luxury cars, trucks, and buses.

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