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First Mercedes-Benz EV charging stations open this fall

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EV Charging Network Expansion

The forthcoming autumn will witness the inauguration of the inaugural Mercedes-Benz EV charging stations, marking the automaker’s entry into the realm of electric vehicle infrastructure, a domain already occupied by notable counterparts such as Tesla and Nio.

Dubbed the “Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging Network,” this initiative was initially unveiled in January. By the conclusion of the fall season, the network will have established its initial stations across three different continents. These pivotal stations will be strategically positioned in prominent locations: Atlanta, Georgia in the United States; Chengdu, China; and Mannheim, Germany.

Mercedes-Benz is committed to an ambitious expansion plan, projecting a network encompassing more than 2,000 stations around the world by the close of this decade. These stations will offer access to a cumulative total of over 10,000 DC fast-charging points. The deployment strategy for these stations prioritizes high-traffic areas and select dealerships, all while providing additional nearby amenities to enhance convenience. In comparison, Tesla’s renowned Supercharger network currently operates across slightly more than 5,000 locations.

The charging stations’ capabilities will differ according to the geographical region, with the potential to offer charging rates scaling up to 400 kW. This will be accomplished through the application of various standard charging systems, including CCS1, CCS2, NACS, and GB/T. Mercedes emphasizes the rollout will be focused on core markets.

In North America, Mercedes has forged collaborations with ChargePoint, a technology company specializing in charging networks, and MN8 Energy, a prominent player in solar energy and battery storage solutions. This partnership with MN8 Energy holds the promise of delivering access to renewable energy resources to customers. Mercedes envisions establishing over 400 stations in North America by 2027, incorporating more than 2,500 fast-charging points within this expansive network.

The forthcoming charging stations will offer services to electric vehicles of all brands, although proprietors of Mercedes vehicles will possess the exclusive privilege of reserving a dedicated charging point. Additionally, the stations will be equipped with Plug & Charge functionality, a feature that activates the charging and payment procedures automatically upon cable insertion for eligible vehicles.

In a related announcement made in July, Mercedes disclosed intentions to embrace the NACS standard for the North American market, commencing from 2025. Moreover, Mercedes EV owners will gain access to segments of Tesla’s charging network from 2024 onwards, with the initial utilization of a CCS to NACS adapter.

While establishing its own charging network, Mercedes will concurrently maintain its support for the expansion of the Ionity network across Europe. Furthermore, the automaker is involved in the endorsement of a fresh North American network, backed collectively by six other prominent automakers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about EV Charging Network Expansion

What is the Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging Network?

The Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging Network is an expansive infrastructure initiative by Mercedes-Benz to establish a network of charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs).

Where will the first stations of the Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging Network be located?

The first stations of the Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging Network will be strategically placed on three continents: Atlanta, Georgia (USA), Chengdu (China), and Mannheim (Germany).

How many stations does Mercedes-Benz plan to have by the end of the decade?

Mercedes-Benz aims to have over 2,000 charging stations as part of its High-Power Charging Network worldwide by the conclusion of the current decade.

What charging rates can the stations offer?

Depending on the region, the stations will provide charging rates of up to 400 kW, made possible through standard charging systems such as CCS1, CCS2, NACS, and GB/T.

Will the stations be open to all electric vehicle brands?

Yes, the charging stations will be open to electric vehicles from all brands, ensuring broad accessibility to the network.

Will Mercedes owners have any special privileges within this network?

Mercedes owners will have the exclusive option to reserve a charging point, adding an element of convenience to their charging experience.

What is Plug & Charge functionality?

Plug & Charge enables eligible vehicles to initiate charging and payment processes automatically as soon as the charging cable is connected to the station, streamlining the user experience.

How does the collaboration with ChargePoint and MN8 Energy benefit the network in North America?

Mercedes is collaborating with ChargePoint and MN8 Energy to enhance the network’s capabilities and ensure customers have access to renewable energy resources during charging.

Will Mercedes-Benz vehicles be able to utilize Tesla’s charging network?

Yes, Mercedes EV owners will have access to segments of Tesla’s charging network starting from 2024, using a CCS to NACS adapter.

Is Mercedes-Benz involved in other charging network initiatives?

Yes, Mercedes-Benz is actively supporting the expansion of the Ionity network in Europe and a new North American network backed by six other automakers.

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EconGuru August 29, 2023 - 11:44 pm

so mercedes is gunning for a piece of the ev charging pie huh. big plans with over 2k stations? ambitious much?

PoliticInsider August 30, 2023 - 12:54 am

wonder how this impacts the political side of things. EV infrastructure is a hot topic these days, could this boost mercedes’ image?


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