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Get Ready: The All-New Redesigned 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class Coupe is Here!

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Last year, Mercedes-Benz launched a newly redesigned GLC-Class crossover. Recently, another version of the same model was revealed – the GLC-Class Coupe. It will be released this fall as a 2024 model, with only one grade called the GLC 300 4Matic offered for now. But don’t worry if that’s not exciting enough for you; more powerful versions are coming soon from AMG, like the GLC 43 Coupe and GLC 63 Coupe, which should be available in the next 12 months.

The new GLC-Class Coupe looks really awesome compared to the older version. It is a bit bigger overall, measuring 187.5 inches long and being 0.2 inch higher than before. It is also slightly wider too – the front wheels are now 0.2 inch further apart and the back wheels are 0.9 inch more spread out.

The new model of this car is bigger, making the inside space bigger too. In the back you can fit 19.2 cubic feet worth of stuff or if you fold down the rear seats then you can fit 52.6 cubic feet worth of things- that’s 1.6 and 3.1 more cubic feet than the old model!

The GLC-Class has a digital dashboard that includes a 12.3-inch display (for the speedometer and such) and an 11.9-inch touchscreen (to control the radio and other media). It also comes with a fancy 15-speaker audio system, and its sunroof is 2.4 inches longer than its predecessor’s.

The GLC-Class Coupe comes with lots of useful options, like a head-up display, navigation with extra info on the screen, cameras all around the car, and a special driving mode that lets you see what’s directly below your car.

A really cool technology is digital projection headlights. This means that drivers will be able to see certain symbols and markings on the road when it’s difficult to see due to low-visibility conditions.

The GLC 300 4Matic has an engine that can give out 255 horsepower and gets a temporary increase of 23 more horsepower from the mild-hybrid system. It takes 6.2 seconds to zoom from zero to 60 miles per hour and it can reach a maximum speed of 130 mph.

For those looking for more power, there are two models from AMG, using 2.0-liter turbo-4 hybrid engines. The GLC 43 Coupe is expected to give around 402 horsepower, while the GLC 63 S E Performance Coupe should provide 671 hp; this matches up with what is available in AMG’s C 43 and C 63 S E Performance sport sedans. You won’t know how much it will cost until closer to the market launch, but the standard GLC-Class starts at $48,250.

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