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BMW to Roll Out Six Neue Klasse Electric Vehicles Within Two Years

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BMW is in the developmental stage of its forthcoming electric vehicle architecture, known as Neue Klasse or “New Class” in English. The inaugural model based on this new platform is slated for a 2025 release.

The vehicle will be a sedan and will compete in the same category as the existing 3-Series. According to BMW’s CEO Oliver Zipse, the Vision Neue Klasse concept, which was recently revealed at the 2023 Munich Auto Show, closely embodies the forthcoming model.

Overview of BMW X7

Following the sedan, BMW plans to introduce five additional Neue Klasse electric vehicles in rapid succession. These vehicles are set to be launched over a mere 24-month period, with at least one SUV positioned in the same market segment as the X3, as confirmed by Zipse. Variants of the initial sedan and SUV could also include body styles like a wagon or a coupe-like SUV.

In a recent discussion with Autocar, BMW’s Design Head, Adrian van Hooydonk, mentioned that the accelerated rate of model introductions will result in greater design commonalities compared to existing BMW models.

Commentary by Adrian van Hooydonk

Van Hooydonk stated, “Due to the short time span between the launches, you will observe a significant design overlap, possibly more so than if you were to create an entirely new model generation over a decade, as we previously did. Despite the shorter time frame, each model will maintain distinct features.”

The Neue Klasse platform is engineered explicitly for electric drivetrains and offers the flexibility needed for varying wheelbase lengths, accommodating different body styles. The vehicles will also feature a more aerodynamic design to optimize range. The proportions are expected to deviate from past models to enhance not only aerodynamics but also interior space, a feature already evident in the Vision Neue Klasse concept.

The platform will employ BMW’s sixth-generation electric motor and battery technology, boasting enhanced performance and efficiency. With a shift to a new cylindrical cell design for the battery, the technology is expected to achieve a 30% improvement in range compared to current BMW batteries.

Production and Future Concepts

The first Neue Klasse model will be manufactured at a facility currently under construction in Debrecen, Hungary, commencing in 2025. Subsequent Neue Klasse models are scheduled for production at existing BMW plants in Munich, Germany and Shenyang, China beginning in 2026, as well as in San Luis Potosí, Mexico starting in 2027.

Earlier concept models, such as 2021’s i Vision Circular and this year’s i Vision Dee, provided a glimpse into the sustainability initiatives and technological advancements planned for the Neue Klasse lineup. These will encompass a greater utilization of recycled components, expansive head-up displays across the windshield, and enhanced automated driving features that reach Level 3 on the SAE scale of autonomous driving capabilities.

Historical Context

The term Neue Klasse was originally coined by BMW in the 1960s for a range of coupes and sedans that effectively resurrected the brand from a period of severe financial difficulties. It laid the groundwork for BMW’s current reputation for sporty and luxurious executive vehicles. The forthcoming generation of Neue Klasse models is anticipated to herald a similarly transformative era for the automaker.

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