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Celebrating Bentley’s Racing Heritage: The Le Mans Collection

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Bentley is making special versions of the Continental GT coupe and Continental GTC convertible to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its last win at the 24 Hours Le Mans race.

These editions are really rare, with only 48 being made – Bentley told us this last week! They will look special because they’ll have exterior design elements based on the Bentley Speed 8 Le Mans #7 prototype that won first place in 2003.

The Le Mans Collection cars have a Verdant Green paint along with a mid-way stripe of Moonbeam colour. The number 7 is also on the mesh grille at the front, as a tribute to older racing days. The grille, lower bumper and mirror caps are black also there are 22 inch wheels in red colour. Carbon fiber can be seen here and there as an addition to this look.

The Bentley Rotating Display, which allows the main touchscreen to be tucked away if not being used, is a normal feature. When the touchscreen moves out of view, you can find a part from an award winning Speed 8 engine inside. Symbols honoring Bentley’s six wins at the Le Mans race are on the dashboard and doorsills. The upholstery and steering wheel have leather and fabric that looks like suede with fancy trim made of piano black and shiny carbon fiber.

The Le Mans Collection cars have an amazing engine that’s just about to be stopped from being made. It’s a twin turbo 6.0 liter W-12 and it makes you go 0 – 60 mph in only 3.5 seconds and all the way up to 208 mph of top speed. It also comes with an air suspension, four-wheel steering and durable carbon-ceramic brakes.

Bentley is well known for its winnings of six Le Mans races. They did really well in 1924, 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930, when they won five out of those times. After that they didn’t come back to the competitions until 2001. It even raced the Continental GT racing car in the lower-level GT3 class and won a trophy at Australia’s Bathurst 12 Hour race in 2020. Afterwards, however, Bentley left the GT3 competition after 2021.

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