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Ford’s Patent Reveals Innovative Deployable Dive Planes

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In the realm of performance cars, dive planes are gaining popularity as effective tools to enhance downforce. However, Ford has recently unveiled a patent application that hints at a more advanced iteration of these aerodynamic aids.

Unlike traditional dive planes that remain fixed in place, Ford’s patent outlines deployable versions that can be adjusted according to various vehicle parameters. The application, published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on June 8, 2023, with an original filing date of December 7, 2021, reveals that actuators would control the movement of these novel dive planes.

Dive planes are typically positioned at the front corners of a vehicle to generate additional downforce and improve aerodynamic balance. Their perpendicular extension from the bodywork bears a resemblance to miniature submarine dive planes, which presumably inspired their name.

Ford highlights in the patent application that any fixed aerodynamic device can only perform optimally under specific conditions. By introducing deployable dive planes capable of extending or retracting as needed, greater flexibility can be achieved. This concept mirrors the popular retractable rear spoilers commonly found on performance cars. For instance, a Bugatti Chiron can raise its rear wing to maximize downforce or lower it to minimize drag. Adopting a similar approach for dive planes appears to be Ford’s intention.

According to the patent application, the proposed deployable dive plane system aims to “optimize drag, lift, and other aerodynamic properties.” This innovation would benefit both customer satisfaction and vehicle capability, with fewer compromises required.

However, it is important to note that, like all patent materials, the inclusion of deployable dive planes in future Ford production vehicles is not guaranteed. Nevertheless, given Ford’s history with performance vehicles, the potential applications for this idea are boundless. Performance electric vehicles (EVs), in particular, could benefit significantly from the drag-reducing advantages of retractable dive planes, which would contribute to maximizing their range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about aerodynamic innovation

What is the purpose of Ford’s patent for deployable dive planes?

Ford’s patent aims to introduce deployable dive planes that can be adjusted based on different vehicle parameters, providing greater flexibility and optimization in aerodynamics for performance cars.

How do deployable dive planes differ from traditional fixed dive planes?

Unlike fixed dive planes, deployable dive planes can extend or retract as needed. This adjustability allows for optimal performance in various conditions, similar to retractable rear spoilers commonly found on performance cars.

What are the potential benefits of deployable dive planes?

Deployable dive planes offer the potential to optimize drag, lift, and other aerodynamic properties. They can enhance customer confidence and improve the overall capability of the vehicle with fewer compromises.

Will deployable dive planes be featured in future Ford production vehicles?

While the patent reveals Ford’s innovation, it does not guarantee their inclusion in future production vehicles. However, considering Ford’s history with performance cars, there is potential for this technology to be implemented in various applications, particularly in performance electric vehicles for drag reduction and maximizing range.

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Gearhead23 June 21, 2023 - 3:59 pm

Deployable dive planes, huh? That’s an interesting idea from Ford. Gotta hand it to them for pushing the boundaries of aerodynamics. I wonder if they’ll actually make it to production cars though. Performance EVs could benefit from them, but who knows if it’ll happen. Still, it’s cool to see companies exploring new ways to maximize range and performance. Keep innovating, Ford!

SpeedDemon82 June 21, 2023 - 10:25 pm

Ford’s patent for dive planes is a game-changer! I mean, fixed ones are so yesterday, right? These new deployable ones are like the future of aerodynamics. Can you imagine how they’ll optimize drag, lift, and all that? It’s gonna be next-level performance for sure. Ford knows what’s up!


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