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Get Ready for the Zenvo Aurora V-12 Hybrid Hypercar Arriving This August

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Zenvo, a car company in Denmark, is soon going to launch their Aurora, the latest in its TS line of hypercars that finished production last year with the TSR-GT. Only 100 of these cars will be made and about 30% of those seats have already been filled. Plus, you’ll be happy to know this car can be driven around anywhere in the world!

Zenvo’s upcoming car, the Aurora, will have a new type of engine when compared to their previous cars. The engine is going to be a super powerful V-12 that has been designed and built by Zenvo themselves. It’s 6.0 liters large and has two turbochargers making it really fast. The Aurora also gets an additional boost from its hybrid transmission system.

Jens Sverdrup, an important person at Zenvo, suggested that the Aurora car could have a power output of up to 1800 hp. However, Zenvo wants us to think about the enjoyable driving experience instead of the numbers which means that the final production version may come with lower power than expected.

Zenvo is launching a new car, the Aurora, and it’s gonna look different from anything they’ve ever made before. That’s because its chassis will be made entirely out of carbon instead of steel and aluminum like their other models. Plus, this new ride gets two different versions: Agil and Tur. The Agil cars are track-ready while the Tur ones can reach speeds above 248 mph so you can take it on long drives!

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