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Discover the Artistic Masterpiece that is the Pagani Utopia

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Late last year, Pagani released its newest car, the Utopia! A new video just came out and it lets us see what this amazing hypercar looks like when in motion. The clip displays the Utopia travelling along country roads and city streets – no speeding is shown but you can still check out how stunning it looks on the roads.

Pagani designed the Utopia to have a really smooth surface without many cooling vents or any other aerodynamic design pieces. A front splitter sends air right into a round opening at the front of the car and then it goes all around it. With this arrangement Pagani wanted to get an even balance in terms of the cars performance without ever having to worry about changes in height or ground level, resulting in a more consistent driving experience.

The Utopia looks like the cars that came before it – the Huayra and Zonda – with its headlight shapes, exhaust tips in the middle, and overall shape. The headlights are made from solid aluminum, making it look extra special.

The engine used in this progress of Pagani, the Utopia uses a powerful V12 Mercedes-Benz AMG Engine. This engine has twin turbochargers and produces 852 horsepower. It also creates 811 lb-ft of torque, where you can go up to speeds with 6,700 rpm redline. Power is sent from this engine to the rear wheels using an Xtrac 7-speed automated transmission. However, you can chose to use manual gearbox too at some point of time in the future. Until then, electric and hybrid power options are not available yet.

Pagani is going to make 99 Utopia coupes (a type of car) that will cost an unknown amount. If it’s like other cars the company has made, there could be versions that are roadsters, special editions and more powerful models meant for racing. As of right now, the Utopia coupe has a cool design and comes with a V-12 engine: which will make it really fast!

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