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Drew Scott’s Unique Lanark DS Electric Roadster Featured on Jay Leno’s Garage

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Drew Scott Electric Roadster

Drew Scott, known for his home renovations on HGTV’s “Property Brothers,” has ventured into automotive craftsmanship, culminating in his latest project. This exceptional creation was showcased in a recent episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage.”

The project, named the Lanark DS, is a distinctive electric roadster, drawing inspiration from classic European sports vehicles. Scott shared in the episode that the roadster serves as a homage to his father, who ignited his passion for such cars. The roadster’s design integrates elements reminiscent of vintage styles, including a tartan-upholstered interior, honoring the Scotts’ Scottish roots. The vehicle’s name, Lanark, pays tribute to his father’s birthplace in Scotland.

The Lanark DS boasts a mix of design influences, incorporating side scallops reminiscent of a Corvette and headlights similar to those on a contemporary Mini, yet it maintains a surprisingly harmonious aesthetic. Beneath its exterior lies a Tesla motor, housed in a bespoke chassis. The car’s weight is approximately 2,200 pounds, which is impressive for an electric vehicle, and it’s equipped with a battery that allows for an estimated 300-mile range. Interestingly, Scott chose to forgo power steering to maintain the car’s “authentic” feel.

In aligning with his approach to house renovation, Scott aimed to blend classic aesthetics with modern functionality in the Lanark DS. The interior, though minimalistic, includes a touchscreen that doubles as the vehicle’s instrument panel, with push-button gear shifting located below it. The seats are fixed directly to the back wall of the interior, adhering to the European roadster tradition of a small trunk and no roof.

The car’s performance, particularly its linear throttle response, earned praise from Jay Leno. The Lanark DS also features adjustable regenerative braking, a common trait in contemporary electric vehicles.

Although this was a deeply personal endeavor for Scott, he is open to auctioning the Lanark DS for charitable purposes, providing an opportunity for someone else to own this unique vehicle without the challenge of building it from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Drew Scott Electric Roadster

What is the Lanark DS featured in Jay Leno’s Garage?

The Lanark DS is a one-of-a-kind electric roadster, built by Drew Scott of HGTV’s “Property Brothers.” Inspired by classic European sports cars, it combines vintage aesthetics with modern technology, including a Tesla motor and a touchscreen instrument panel. The car’s design pays homage to Scott’s Scottish heritage and his father’s love for such vehicles.

Who is Drew Scott and what inspired him to build the Lanark DS?

Drew Scott is a co-host on HGTV’s “Property Brothers,” known for renovating homes. His inspiration for building the Lanark DS came from his passion for cars and a desire to honor his father, who instilled in him a love for classic European sports cars. The Lanark DS is a tribute to his father and their shared Scottish roots.

What are the unique features of the Lanark DS?

The Lanark DS boasts a blend of retro and modern elements, including Corvette-inspired side scallops, Mini-like headlights, and a tartan-upholstered interior reflecting Scottish heritage. It’s built with a Tesla motor and a custom chassis, weighing about 2,200 pounds with a 300-mile range. The interior is minimalistic with a modern touchscreen instrument cluster and pushbutton shifting.

Did Drew Scott include any personal touches in the Lanark DS?

Yes, Drew Scott included several personal touches in the Lanark DS. The car’s name, Lanark, is a nod to his father’s hometown in Scotland, and the tartan interior upholstery pays homage to their Scottish heritage. The vehicle’s design and craftsmanship reflect Scott’s personal style and his passion for classic cars.

Will the Lanark DS be available for purchase?

Drew Scott has expressed consideration of auctioning the Lanark DS for charity. This means that while the car was a personal project, it may become available for public acquisition, with the proceeds going to a charitable cause.

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TechGeek December 16, 2023 - 4:04 pm

Using a Tesla motor? That’s some serious power right there. And the touchscreen instrument panel sounds super high-tech. Love to see the inside of this beauty.

CarEnthusiast98 December 16, 2023 - 4:37 pm

wow, didn’t know Drew Scott was into cars too! This Lanark DS sounds amazing, love that it’s electric but still has that classic look.

HistoryBuff December 17, 2023 - 6:49 am

Really cool that he’s paying tribute to his Scottish heritage with the car’s design, that tartan interior must look stunning.

EcoDriver December 17, 2023 - 9:18 am

Electric roadsters are the future! Glad to see celebrities embracing this. 300 miles range is pretty impressive, wonder how it handles though…


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