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Lamborghini Unveils Its Ultra-Lightweight Carbon-Fiber Chassis for Aventador Successor

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Lamborghini is almost ready to reveal the next generation of their Aventador, called the LB744. On Tuesday, they gave us a peek at its chassis. It’s made from carbon fiber just like the Aventador’s, but now it also has special elements like a carbon-fiber frame and Formula 1-style crash cones for added strength and weight savings.

Lamborghini’s LB744 chassis is called “monofuselage”, and it offers 25% more strength than the Aventador, but weighs 10% lighter. The reason for this is because Lamborghini changed to a carbon-fiber front frame, which makes it 20% lighter than the aluminum frame used in the Aventador.

The weight of the car has been reduced by using a strong plastic ring around its center. This large single piece wraps around and connects the area where people sit, the front section, and the side supports, instead of having several different parts like on a Lamborghini Aventador.

Most Lamborghini car parts are made with something called forged carbon. To make the part, pieces of carbon fiber and resin are mixed together in a heated mold and then pressed into shape. This process only takes 3 minutes, which is much quicker than how traditional car parts were made before.

For the roof structure of its LB744 chassis, Lamborghini uses a traditional technique which involves laying out sheets made from pre-soaked carbon fibers and then heating them in something called an autoclave.

The back part of the car where the V-12 engine and transmission are kept is still made out of aluminum. But it’s lighter due to hollow castings that connect the powertrain supports with the rear shock towers into one piece. This new design also helps make the car sturdier or stronger, according to Lamborghini.

Lamborghini has created the LB744, which includes a few important new components. Firstly, it contains a big 6.5-liter V-12 engine and an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission. Additionally, three electric motors power the vehicle, two at the front wheels of the car and one connecting to the back wheels. All together, these motors produce 1,000 hp and allows for short distances of electric all-wheel drive.

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