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Alpina Could be Up for Rebranding, Suggest BMW’s Trademark Filings

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BMW’s recent submissions to a patent and trademark office in Germany imply that a rebranding might be underway for Alpina.

The new filings, first identified by members of the i5 Talk forum, depict a fresh stylized rendition of the Alpina name, portraying a considerably more modern aesthetic compared to its current design. The sleek, minimalist appearance is also more compatible with digital platforms relative to the present design.

A Brief Look at BMW X7

Alpina, renowned for tuning BMW vehicles, predates even BMW’s own M division. BMW secured the rights to the Alpina name last year, a move that empowers BMW to oversee Alpina vehicle production commencing in 2025.

With this deal, the original Alpina, headquartered in Buchloe in BMW’s native Bavaria, will be dedicating its efforts to vehicle development, and managing the service, parts, and accessories division of the business.

June 2023 Trademark Submission for Alpina by BMW

BMW might unveil the rebranding just prior to, or following, the transition in 2025.

Despite Alpina vehicles being in high demand, the company’s limited production capacity allows it to manufacture only a few thousand vehicles each year. Consequently, its products are often quickly sold out. As BMW prepares to assume control of production, the output volumes are likely to rise, and we could potentially see an introduction of more models.

Some of Alpina’s most recent models released in the U.S. encompass the 2023 XB7 based on the BMW X7 and the 2022 B8 Gran Coupe modelled on the 8-Series Gran Coupe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about rebranding

What do the trademark filings suggest about Alpina?

The trademark filings indicate that Alpina might undergo a rebranding, as shown by the new stylized design submitted by BMW.

How does Alpina relate to BMW?

Alpina is a tuner of BMW vehicles and is even older than BMW’s M division. BMW acquired the rights to the Alpina name, granting them control over Alpina vehicle production starting in 2025.

Will the rebranding affect Alpina’s production and models?

With BMW taking over production, it is likely that Alpina’s production volumes will increase, potentially leading to the introduction of more models in the future.

What are some recent Alpina models in the United States?

Recent Alpina models in the US include the 2023 XB7 based on the BMW X7 and the 2022 B8 Gran Coupe based on the 8-Series Gran Coupe.

When can we expect to see the rebranding?

The rebranding may be introduced before or shortly after the transition in 2025, as per BMW’s plans.

More about rebranding

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AutoEnthusiast23 June 28, 2023 - 11:25 pm

whoa, didn’t knw alpina wuz older than bmw’s m division! trademark office in germy spots the new alpina design, more modern n digitl-friendly. bet the rebrandin’ gonna be epic!

CarFan92 June 29, 2023 - 12:31 am

omg trademark filings hint alpina gettin’ a makeover wif a new cool look! bmw gonna take over alpina prod’n, mo’ cars comin’! can’t wait to see the new models!

SpeedsterRacer June 29, 2023 - 8:24 am

alpina’s got limited capacity, their cars sellin’ out fast! but now that bmw’s in charge, they gonna ramp up production. more alpina cars on the road, faster speeds, more powa!

BimmerLover June 29, 2023 - 11:15 am

recent alpina models rockin’ the us market! xb7 based on x7 and b8 gran coupe from the 8-series. alpina’s partnership with bmw gonna bring us even more mind-blowin’ rides soon!


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