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Anticipated Debut of the Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon

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Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport

Despite Subaru not advancing plans for an STI variant of the latest WRX, the brand continues to embrace the Subaru Tecnica International (STI) motorsports division’s heritage with distinct versions of the compact sports sedan.

The Japanese market currently enjoys the availability of the WRX S4 STI Sport R and WRX S4 STI Sport R EX models. These STI Sport iterations, while exhibiting performance enhancements, do not boast the increased power characteristic of previous WRX STI versions.

Overview of Subaru BRZ

Subaru is now generating excitement with a teaser for an upcoming WRX S4 STI Sport model, slated for unveiling at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January 2024. This event, renowned for showcasing modified and tuned vehicles, is an annual highlight in Tokyo.

While specifics remain under wraps, Subaru has indicated that this prototype, a precursor to a production model, will derive its features from the WRX S4 STI Sport R EX. This variant, introduced in Japan in 2021, brings to the table improvements over the base WRX, particularly in terms of stability.

Peek into the 2024 Subaru WRX

The automaker hints at a limited production run for this new model, suggesting it might be a Japan-exclusive offering, akin to other WRX S4 STI Sport versions.

The Tokyo Auto Salon will also witness the showcase of a BRZ STI Performance model. Based on the existing BRZ STI Sport sold in Japan, it will incorporate additional STI enhancements, such as a carbon-fiber rear wing.

Dates for the Tokyo Auto Salon are set for January 12-14.

While a new WRX STI launch is not on Subaru’s immediate agenda, Prodrive, the British motorsport and engineering firm known for crafting Subaru’s World Rally Championship vehicles, has developed a WRX variant. Named the WRX by Prodrive, this model, or at least its modifications, may potentially be available for purchase. Additionally, Subaru’s 2024 lineup includes the WRX TR, featuring enhancements aimed at refining handling capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport

Will there be a new Subaru WRX STI model launched soon?

No, Subaru does not have immediate plans to launch a new WRX STI model. However, they are introducing a WRX S4 STI Sport variant at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon.

What is the Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport?

The Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport is a new variant of the WRX series, featuring enhancements over the base model, particularly in stability. It will debut at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Are the Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport models available outside Japan?

Currently, Subaru’s WRX S4 STI Sport models, including the upcoming variant, are expected to be exclusive to the Japanese market.

What is unique about the WRX by Prodrive?

The WRX by Prodrive, crafted by the British motorsport and engineering firm, is a modified WRX with enhancements that make it a potential successor to the WRX STI series.

What is the Subaru WRX TR?

The Subaru WRX TR, part of the 2024 lineup, includes upgrades focused on improving handling, offering a different experience from the STI Sport variants.

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AutoShowAddict December 22, 2023 - 8:30 pm

Tokyo Auto Salon’s gonna be lit this year, can’t wait to see all the new models, especially the BRZ STI Performance with that carbon-fiber wing!

RallyQueen December 23, 2023 - 12:34 am

Prodrive’s WRX sounds intriguing, always loved their work on the rally cars, wonder how it’ll compare to the traditional STI models.

JDMFan4Life December 23, 2023 - 1:14 am

so they’re not doing a full STI version huh, kinda disapointing but still cool to see what Subaru’s up to.

SubieLover93 December 23, 2023 - 5:37 am

Limited production again, guess it’s gonna be another Japan exclusive, wish Subaru would bring more of these models overseas.

MikeSpeedRacer December 23, 2023 - 12:44 pm

wow, can’t wait to see the new WRX S4 STI Sport at the auto salon, bet it’s gonna be epic!!


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