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Toyota Offers In-Depth View of FT-Se Electric Sports Car Concept

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Toyota FT-Se Concept

Recently, Toyota has released additional images and information about its FT-Se concept, initially unveiled at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Show in October.

This concept marks a significant milestone in Toyota’s journey towards creating an electric sports car, a project still under consideration for mass production.

Overview of Toyota Sequoia

The “Future Toyota Sports electric” or FT-Se concept is a sleek two-seater, spanning 172 inches in length and standing at a height of 48 inches. Its broad 74.6-inch width gives it a commanding presence and hints at its agile handling capabilities.

While specifics of the powertrain remain undisclosed, Toyota has indicated the use of advanced battery technology. The company emphasizes these next-gen batteries are not only compact and energy-dense but also contribute to a lighter overall vehicle weight. This is further enhanced by downsizing other components, including the electric drive system, transmission, and air conditioning unit, according to Toyota.

Details of the Toyota FT-Se Concept

The interior design is focused on driver visibility, featuring a low dashboard. The car is equipped with a yoke-style steering wheel, indicative of potential steer-by-wire technology, and includes three display screens and strategically placed pads for driver and passenger comfort during dynamic driving.

Toyota’s plans for producing an electric sports car are still under wraps. Nonetheless, Akio Toyoda, the company’s Chairman and former CEO, disclosed his direct involvement in developing an electric sports car for Toyota. He mentioned the possibility of a manual transmission with software-controlled electric drive, simulating traditional gear shifts and engine sounds, although he also noted that production is yet to receive the green light.

While Toyota’s electric sports car remains a concept, its luxury brand Lexus has confirmed the development of an electric supercar. This high-performance vehicle, potentially equipped with a solid-state battery, aims for 0-60 mph acceleration in just over 2 seconds. Featuring a similar software-enabled manual transmission, this supercar is anticipated to hit showrooms later this decade.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Toyota FT-Se Concept

What is the Toyota FT-Se Concept?

The Toyota FT-Se Concept is an electric sports car concept unveiled at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Show, representing the latest in Toyota’s electric vehicle development. It’s a compact two-seater with advanced battery technology, reduced weight, and unique interior features like a yoke-style steering wheel and trio of screens.

Has Toyota released details about the FT-Se’s powertrain?

No, Toyota has not disclosed specific details about the FT-Se’s powertrain. They have mentioned the use of next-generation, energy-dense batteries that contribute to a lighter vehicle weight, but exact specifications are yet to be revealed.

What are the key features of the Toyota FT-Se Concept’s design?

The FT-Se Concept is 172 inches long, 48 inches tall, and 74.6 inches wide, giving it a powerful stance and visually indicating sharp handling. The interior includes a low dashboard for improved visibility, a yoke-style steering wheel, and protective pads for driver and passenger during hard cornering.

Is the Toyota FT-Se Concept going into production?

As of now, Toyota has not confirmed production plans for the FT-Se electric sports car. However, Toyota’s Chairman Akio Toyoda has shown personal interest in developing an electric sports car for Toyota, including a manual transmission with software-controlled electric drive.

Will there be a Lexus version of the electric sports car?

Yes, Lexus, Toyota’s luxury brand, has confirmed plans for an electric supercar. This supercar is expected to feature a solid-state battery, 0-60 mph acceleration in the low 2.0-second range, and a software-enabled manual transmission. It is anticipated to be available in showrooms later this decade.

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TechGeek December 4, 2023 - 8:56 pm

The battery tech sounds fascinating, wonder what the range would be like on this baby? They need to give more deets.

MikeRacer98 December 5, 2023 - 12:52 am

Wow, Toyota’s really stepping up their game with this FT-Se Concept! can’t wait to see if they actually go through with production.

CarEnthusiast December 5, 2023 - 9:24 am

Is it just me or does 48 inches tall seem super low for a sports car? Could be tricky getting in and out haha.

GreenWheels December 5, 2023 - 10:16 am

Great to see more electric options coming up, but they really need to start confirming these concepts into real models soon.

ElectricFan December 5, 2023 - 4:31 pm

luv the sound of that manual transmission with the electric drive, really innovative stuff there.


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