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Toyota Sets Ambitious Plan to Produce 1.5M EVs Yearly by 2026

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Koji Sato, who recently became the new CEO of Toyota after Akio Toyoda stepped down in April, wants to make 1.5 million Battery-Electric Vehicles (BEVs) a year by 2026. Before him, Toyota’s goal for producing BEVs was only 1 million per year by 2030. Mr. Toyoda is currently the Chairman of Toyota and he is also the grandson of Kiichiro Toyoda, the founder of Toyota.

Tesla, the biggest maker of Electric Vehicles (EVs), made 1.37 million EVs in 2022 and sold 1.31 million that year.

Toyota announced they will be introducing ten EVs by 2026 under the Toyota and Lexus brands. These upcoming EVs will have batteries with twice the range of current models!

Toyota is also creating a new department dedicated to researching battery technology.

Toyota is trying to help the environment by investing its money into technologies that can reduce carbon emissions. It wants to launch cars with new types of engines – some will be powered by electric energy (like the Mirai car), while others may just run on hydrogen gas – and this would make them practically pollution-free.

In 2021, Toyota’s former CEO said their company will launch 30 electric vehicles by 2030. These cars will have the Lexus brand name and one of them will even be a special supercar. Furthermore, they plan to make 100% of the cars in America, Europe and China powered by zero emissions before 2035 with all other countries following soon after that year.

Toyota made a big announcement on Friday that they’re going to start producing a three-row electric SUV in 2025 in the United States. They don’t say where it’ll be made yet, but the batteries will come from a factory located in Liberty, North Carolina that opened this year, 2021.

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