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BMW’s Revolutionary Head-Up Display: A Look at What it Can Do

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BMW is introducing a brand new kind of display called the BMW Panoramic Vision that will span across the full width of the windshield in their upcoming electric vehicles (EVs). The Neue Klasse family of EVs which is set to launch in 2025 will be the first to get this revolutionary display feature.

BMW has created a new feature called the Panoramic Vision display which is different from other head-up displays because it allows both driver and passenger to see information. Therefore, this gives drivers more freedom to keep their eyes on the road while passengers can get relevant info without having to bother the driver. The automaker calls this approach “driver-centric”.

Pictures can show how fast the car is driving and what gear it is in, entertainment info in the middle of the windshield and time on one side. BMW’s boss Frank Weber said that they are making sure you keep your eyes on the road!

BMW says that their Panoramic Vision display has a dark-colored area on the lower edge of the windshield. This makes it easier to see, even in different lighting. The pictures will look sharper, too!

The Neue Klasse EVs are special cars from BMW that got its name from models back in the 1960s. Those original models saved BMW and influenced how their cars looked for decades afterwards. People love them for how simple they are and also how great they handle. BMW also plans to add digital tech to these new EVs, as seen in the i Vision Dee concept announced at the 2023 CES in Las Vegas.

BMW’s new electric vehicles, called the Neue Klasse, will have a special platform designed just for electric powertrains. They’ll also use BMW’s sixth-generation motor and battery technology. This includes new cylindrical battery cells which can give these EVs up to 30% more range than current BMW electric cars.

BMW is creating a new type of car called Neue Klasse. It will begin being made in a plant somewhere in Hungary in 2025, at an existing plant in Germany in 2026, and in Mexico in 2027. All these cars are electric so they can take advantage of new federal tax-credits available in the USA.

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