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Latest Automotive News: Maserati’s Strategy, BMW M4, and Mercedes-Benz EQG

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Maserati’s Vision for the Future, BMW M4 Preview, and Mercedes-Benz EQG Electrification

Maserati Americas’ CEO, Bill Puffer, recently unveiled the luxury automaker’s ambitious plans for its electric future, emphasizing the need for significant financial investment. Puffer openly acknowledged that Maserati’s progress would not have been possible without its affiliation with the prominent Stellantis automaker group. As a temporary measure, Maserati continues to offer both gasoline and electric options in their current vehicle lineup, with a specific focus on supercars and SUVs.

The upcoming 2025 BMW M4 has undergone rigorous high-speed testing at the renowned Nürburgring track. While the updated performance car was initially spotted in coupe form, an enhanced convertible variant is set to follow. Notable revisions include updated front and rear lightning elements, featuring a more horizontally-oriented design up front. The iconic kidney grilles, albeit controversial, remain a distinctive feature of the BMW M4.

BMW M4 Overview:

Mercedes-Benz’s electrified rendition of the G-Class, named the Mercedes-Benz EQG, will boast four electric motors placed in close proximity to the wheels. According to Michael Schiebe, CEO of Mercedes-AMG, this innovative configuration ensures that the electric version remains as capable off-road as its traditional gasoline-powered counterpart. Enthusiasts can expect the electric EQG to hit the market in 2024.

Mercedes-Benz EQG: The Electric Transformation of the G-Class, Equipped with Four Motors

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about luxury automaker

What are Maserati’s plans for the future?

Maserati aims to transition towards an electric future, with a strong focus on supercars and SUVs. They are currently offering gas and electric options in their existing lineup while relying on the support of the larger Stellantis automaker group to make their future plans possible.

What updates can we expect from the 2025 BMW M4?

The 2025 BMW M4 is undergoing high-speed track testing and will feature revised front and rear lightning elements with a more horizontal design up front. The iconic kidney grilles will remain, despite their controversial nature. A refreshed convertible variant is also in the works.

What can we expect from the Mercedes-Benz EQG?

The Mercedes-Benz EQG is an electric version of the renowned G-Class. It will be equipped with four electric motors mounted near the wheels, ensuring its off-road capabilities match those of the gas-powered model. The EQG is expected to become available in 2024.

Where can I find more car news?

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