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Ferrari LaFerrari successor (F250) spied at Fiorano

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Ferrari F250 prototype

The successor to the iconic LaFerrari, known under the codename F250 (following the LaFerrari’s F150 designation), has been recently spotted by Ferrari engineers during testing at the Fiorano track. This forthcoming hypercar will join Ferrari’s esteemed Special Series lineup, which boasts legendary models such as the 288 GTO, F40, F50, and Enzo. It is worth noting that these exclusive models are reserved for Ferrari’s most devoted clientele and traditionally appreciate significantly in value over time. For instance, the LaFerrari, which originally carried a price tag of approximately $1.4 million, now commands three times that amount on the used-car market.

The F250 prototype remains shrouded in heavy camouflage, concealing the final design beneath dummy lights and body panels. Even the exhaust tips are deceptive, as the actual exhaust system exits from between these faux pipes. Despite the disguise, it’s evident that the F250 exhibits a lower and wider profile compared to its predecessor, the LaFerrari. Notably, the design draws inspiration from Ferrari’s victorious 499P LMH race car, particularly noticeable in the front fascia, where one might expect to see a single light strip reminiscent of the race car’s distinctive feature. The butterfly-wing doors, a signature of both the LaFerrari and its Enzo predecessor, also make a return.

While the first test mules, masquerading as LaFerraris, were spotted as early as 2021, Ferrari still has extensive development work ahead. The F250 is not anticipated to make its debut until the latter half of 2024, with deliveries expected in the first half of 2025.

Ferrari has provided limited information about the car, confirming only that it will be introduced by 2026 and will constitute “far less” than 5% of the automaker’s total production volume. Given that Ferrari produced 500 LaFerrari coupes and an additional 210 LaFerrari Aperta convertibles, it’s conceivable that approximately 600 F250s will be built, along with an additional 200-250 convertible variants. This increased volume is essential to meet the demands of Ferrari’s expanding customer base in emerging markets.

The prototype’s warning stickers indicate the presence of an electrified powertrain, although it remains uncertain whether it will feature a V-12 engine or a smaller power unit. There are speculations that Ferrari might opt for a turbocharged V-6 engine as the internal-combustion component of the powertrain. This choice would establish a connection with the 499P, whose turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine shares similarities with the unit in the 296 supercar. The “499” in the race car’s nomenclature references the 499 cc displacement of its individual cylinders.

Intriguingly, Ferrari may choose to incorporate “499” into the name of the new hypercar as a nod to the LMH race car. Trademarks filed by the company include designations like 499 GTB, 499 GTS, 499 Speciale, and 499P Modificata. Rest assured, Ferrari’s LaFerrari successor is poised to captivate enthusiasts with a level of innovation and performance that befits the legendary marque.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ferrari F250 prototype

What is the F250 mentioned in the text?

The F250 is the codename for what is believed to be the successor to the LaFerrari, a highly anticipated hypercar from Ferrari.

What is the Special Series by Ferrari, and how does the F250 fit into it?

The Special Series by Ferrari includes iconic models like the 288 GTO, F40, F50, and Enzo. The F250 will be the latest addition to this exclusive lineup.

When is the F250 expected to make its debut?

The F250 is not expected to make its debut until the second half of 2024, with deliveries projected for the first half of 2025.

What is known about the powertrain of the F250?

While there are indications of an electrified powertrain, the specific details, such as whether it will feature a V-12 or a turbocharged V-6 engine, remain uncertain.

How many units of the F250 are likely to be produced?

Ferrari has hinted that the F250 will be produced in limited numbers, likely constituting “far less” than 5% of the company’s total production volume. Considering previous models, we can estimate around 600 F250s and 200-250 convertible variants.

Is there a connection between the F250 and Ferrari’s LMH race car?

Yes, the F250 prototype draws design influences from Ferrari’s 499P LMH race car, particularly evident in the front fascia, and there are speculations about incorporating “499” into the hypercar’s name as a nod to the race car.

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