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Carbon Fiber Monocoque Chassis for Road Cars Unveiled by F1 Parts Manufacturer

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An esteemed supplier of carbon-fiber components for Formula 1 race cars, as well as the aerospace and defense sectors, has introduced a ready-to-use carbon-fiber chassis specifically designed for both road and race cars.

Located in Abingdon, U.K., Dash-CAE recently launched the TR01, a carbon monocoque chassis that serves as the central passenger cell and connects to the front and rear subframes. Targeting low-volume manufacturers, the TR01 is competitively priced at under £30,000 (approximately $38,470), making it nearly half the cost of comparable alternatives according to Dash-CAE.

The inspiration behind the development of this chassis stemmed from the significant expansion of the hypercar market and the escalating demand within the motorsport sector for cost-effective monocoques. Dash-CAE’s CEO, Tim Robathan, emphasized the potential that the TR01 chassis holds for both niche automotive manufacturers and prominent international OEMs, as it provides an economical, adaptable, lightweight, and rigid carbon-fiber monocoque solution.

It is worth noting that WAE, previously known as the technology division of the Williams F1 team, introduced an all-encompassing platform for electric hypercars last year. Dubbed the EVR, WAE’s platform also incorporates a carbon monocoque and has the capacity to support power outputs of up to 2,212 horsepower.

Dash-CAE’s TR01 chassis is specifically engineered for two-seater vehicles and is compatible with gasoline, hybrid, and fully electric powertrains. Weighing in at less than 110 pounds, the chassis complies with global crash safety standards, including the NHTSA’s FMVSS regulations.

Dash-CAE credits its ability to lower costs to its comprehensive in-house approach encompassing all aspects of the chassis’ development, ranging from engineering and design to manufacturing (including additive manufacturing) and tooling, among others.

At present, there is no official information regarding any confirmed customers for the TR01 chassis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about carbon-fiber chassis

What is the TR01 chassis introduced by Dash-CAE?

The TR01 chassis is a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis developed by Dash-CAE, designed for both road and race cars. It serves as the vehicle’s passenger cell and attaches to front and rear subframes.

What is the price of the TR01 chassis?

The TR01 chassis is priced below £30,000 (approximately $38,470), making it an affordable option for low-volume manufacturers compared to rival solutions.

What types of vehicles can the TR01 chassis accommodate?

The TR01 chassis is designed for two-seat vehicles and can accommodate gas, hybrid, and fully electric powertrains.

Does the TR01 chassis meet crash safety standards?

Yes, the TR01 chassis meets global crash safety standards, including the NHTSA’s FMVSS regulations, ensuring the safety of the occupants.

How did Dash-CAE manage to reduce costs for the TR01 chassis?

Dash-CAE was able to reduce costs by adopting an in-house approach for the chassis’ development, including engineering, design, manufacturing (including additive manufacturing), and tooling.

Are there any confirmed customers for the TR01 chassis?

Dash-CAE has not disclosed whether there are any confirmed customers for the TR01 chassis at this time.

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TechGeek92 June 24, 2023 - 2:27 am

Impressive to see Dash-CAE enter the market with an off-the-shelf carbon-fiber chassis. This will surely attract automakers and smaller manufacturers. Can’t wait to see the impact it makes!

CarEnthusiast22 June 24, 2023 - 2:47 am

wow! dash-cae’s tr01 carbon-fiber chassis is amazin! it’s cheapr than others, lightweight & meets crash saftey standards. gr8 job on reducin cost, dash-cae!

SpeedDemon June 24, 2023 - 6:34 am

TR01 by Dash-CAE is a game-changer for road & race cars! it’s a carbon monocoque that attaches to subframes. super affordabl too. want one for my ride!


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