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Rev Up Your Engines! Get Ready for F1’s ‘Drive to Survive’ and All the Action it Brings

Netflix series chronicling last year's Grand Prix season starts Feb. 24

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Formula 1 is all about the intense emotions during races from the drivers, their teams and even the fans. And there’s often drama behind closed doors too! Both elements get lots of focus in a documentary series on Netflix which broadcasts crashes, arguments and high-stakes action.

The show “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” is back for its fifth year! The first episode will air on February 24th and it will feature the 2022 opening race which is set to be held in Bahrain. In 2023, the Formula 1 World Championship begins there as well and it will happen on March 5th.

The trailer and the first episode have lots of stars, with Max Verstappen getting most of the attention. He talks about being aggressive, while his Red Bull team boss Christian Horner says that other teams target them because they usually win. The former champion Lewis Hamilton talks about mistakes made by him. Ferrari will be a big part of this season; but it looks like their cars are having a lot of crashes. Both Max and Lewis swear a lot too!

Recently, Formula 1 has become more popular in the United States and this season there will be three races in Texas, Miami, and Las Vegas. An American driver Logan Sargeant is also going to compete with Williams. We can’t tell you much about the first episode except that Kevin Magnussen will be taking part!

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