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Get Ready: Mercedes-Benz is Planning a ‘Mini-G’ for 2026

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Living in this modern-day age, technology has become a huge part of our daily lives. From the phones we use to communicate with each other, to streaming services that keep us entertained for hours on end, technology is everywhere and it has changed how we live and how we interact with each other. However, despite all its benefits, there are some drawbacks, such as increased screen time and less human interaction. To combat these potential issues it’s important to limit our exposure to digital devices and find alternative ways to stay connected like playing board games or talking to family members. Technology can be beneficial but too much reliance on screens could have negative effects.

People have been talking about the possibility of a baby Mercedes-Benz G-Class for a long time, meaning making the car simpler but still off-road focused. Recently, it has been confirmed that Mercedes CEO Ola Källenius wants to make this Mini-G around 2026. This mini car probably won’t be much different from the current GLB model though.

Rumors are that a new Mercedes crossover vehicle is being made. It is going to be smaller and lower to the ground compared to the regular G-Class model and will look similar, but not identical. For example, the 2023 GLB 250 4Matic is 182.4 inches long, 79.5 inches wide and 65.2 inches tall with 6.1 inches of ground clearance on an 111.4-inch wheelbase whereas the 2020 G 550 is 189.7 inches long, 86.1 inches wide and 77.5 inches tall with 9.5 inches of ground clearance on a 113.8-inch wheelbase – so there’s space for this ‘Mini-G’ which looks like a shrunken version of the original car! A spy photographer even managed to catch a glimpse of it under a third-generation C Class (which has an 111.8 inch wheelbase).

The Mini-G, like the GLB and G-Class cars, will offer electric or gas powertrains. The electric car can take you 310 miles without having to stop for a recharge since it uses an 800-volt architecture. It’s possible that Källenius wants this trio to be similar to what Ford have with the Escape, the Bronco Sport, and the Bronco models. Something else in the Handelsblatt story is being worked on too – a mix of SUV and sedan specifically created with Chinese customers in mind. Another daring idea is a compact car looking very much like the G-Class one. This plan may only plan out for China market only.

If Mr. Källenius has in mind to produce a Ener-G-Force concept car that looks like a Tonka truck, then let’s make it happen quickly!

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