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Buick Electra E5 Gains Luxury Grade and Reaches Chinese Market

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This week, Buick is kicking off sales of the new Electra E5 electric compact crossover by revealing all the details about it.

Buick cars have had the name “Electra” included in their lineup since 1959. This continued until 1990, and now we’re seeing it revived again for a new set of electric vehicles. They’re based on General Motor’s technology, with the first being called Electra E5. A second type of EV (electric vehicle) is currently being tested – this one looks more like a crossover car, and might be named Electra E4 when it’s released.

By the end of 2024, Buick will have two electric vehicles (EVs) with Ultium batteries at U.S. dealerships; one SUV will look conventional and the other one something like a coupe shape. They might be called Electra and Electra GS.

The Electra E5 costs around 30,500 US Dollars. Its length is 192.6 inches and its wheelbase 116.3 inches – the same size as a car called the 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV. It has an impressive 58.5 cubic feet of storage- which makes it one of the biggest cars in its category according to Buick.

Buick offers five different grades, and the top of them is called Avenir. The outside of the Avenir looks special with a pattern on the front and it has smoother materials on the inside like a suede roof, blue accents, really comfy seats with unique backs, and fancy embroidery headrests.

The Avenir has two different types of powertrains. A more powerful one that can do 0-62 mph acceleration in 6.7 seconds, and a less powerful one with 201 hp. The first powertrain uses two motors located at the front axle and it produces 283 hp, while the second one has a single motor and delivers 241 hp. There are also two battery options – a standard 68 Kwh battery and a longer-range 79.7 Kwh battery for extended use.

Inside the Electra E5, you’ll find a comfortable and nice looking cabin that features a 30-inch curved screen. It also has lots of cool, modern technologies like Apple CarPlay and Wireless Charging , 5G Connectivity, Updatable software, Bose Audio and a Head-Up Display with GM’s Super Cruise (an automated driver assistance feature).

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