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VW Upgrades MEB Platform with More Powerful Electric Motor

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Volkswagen Group has created a new electric power module specifically for their popular electric cars. This drive module, named APP550, includes the motor, inverter, and transmission in one unit. The system is meant to be fitted at the back of these cars.

A newer and more powerful electric-vehicle (EV) engine module is going to launch in the fourth quarter of 2021. This new module will be first used on a vehicle from Volkswagen’s ID family of EVs (like ID.7 sedan). This special car is expected to get released for everyone on April 17th, with it being available for showrooms by 2024.

The updated engine module should give more power and torque compared to the current units they use in their EVs. At first, this module can deliver 281 horsepower as well as up to 405 lb-ft of torque – depending on the type of gear ratio chosen for that specific vehicle. The older version of the same engines are typically rated at 201 hp.

The motor has been altered so that it can work more efficiently. This includes using thicker wires in the stator to make the number of windings stronger, as well as more powerful magnets in the rotor so it can handle bigger loads. The inverter also plays a role by sending higher currents to help increase performance.

VW Group changed the software that helps control the inverter to make it more efficient. In simpler terms, it means the clock runs faster and produces better current. They’ve also improved some of the parts inside the drive module so it will help your car go farther when you’re driving.

The VW Group is working on a new version of the MEB platform that they call MEB+. This updated platform will have a special kind of battery, so it can travel farther and charge faster.

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