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Lincoln Nautilus Teased: Get Excited for April 17th Debut

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A totally new version of the Lincoln Nautilus is arriving in 2024 and to give us a glimpse of its inside, Lincoln recently released a short video.

The video didn’t give away much information other than its dashboard having an infotainment screen – which has the same design as the current model’s – and also a wide display or head-up display that spreads across the whole dash.

On April 17, there will be an unveiling of a new Nautilus car in New York City. Last fall, pictures appeared online from China’s government that showed what the Nautilus looked like for drivers in China. The one made for drivers in the U.S. is expected to look similar. A Lincoln Zephyr Reflection concept released last year first showed what the car would look like and this design was used to make a Zephyr sedan for people driving in China also last year.

In 2024, cars called the Nautilus will have different motor options, like a 2.0-liter turbo-4 and a hybrid setup. There’s also going to be an electric version of this car, but that won’t come out until later in the decade. A Chinese version of this vehicle looks similar to a Ford Edge crossover which is not available in the United States yet. Both cars will be unveiled on April 18 at the 2023 Shanghai auto show.

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