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Toyota’s Upcoming Electric Sports Car: Insights from Akio Toyoda

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In a recent interview during the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda shared some intriguing details about Toyota’s highly anticipated electric sports car. This announcement follows Toyota’s 2021 declaration of launching 30 electric vehicles under both the Toyota and Lexus brands by 2030, which includes the production of sports cars.

During the presentation, Lexus showcased a concept for a supercar reminiscent of the LFA, while Toyota revealed a prototype resembling a modern version of the MR2.

Toyoda emphasized his personal involvement in the development of Toyota’s electric sports car, confirming that it will feature a manual transmission with an actual clutch pedal, similar to the Lexus model. To replicate the experience of shifting gears, the manual transmission will not directly connect to the powertrain but will simulate the sensation by adjusting torque and generating engine-like sounds that mimic revs building and dropping.

Interestingly, Toyoda expressed his confidence that driving the electric sports car would create an immersive experience, blurring the lines between the electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) driving sensations. He suggested that drivers “probably wouldn’t be able to tell” that they are behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

Although no specific release date for the Toyota electric sports car was mentioned, Toyoda also mentioned uncertainty about its eventual production.

Despite the relatively low sales volume of sports cars, Toyoda views their development as a crucial step toward enhancing mainstream models. To illustrate this perspective, he drew a parallel with the Shikinen Sengu ceremony, a Japanese ritual involving the periodic relocation of a major shrine. According to Toyoda, this ceremony preserves and passes on skills, techniques, and material sourcing. Similarly, the development of the LFA sports car a decade ago led to new technological breakthroughs, especially in materials, which have since been integrated into other Toyota vehicles.

With these insights from Akio Toyoda, it’s clear that Toyota’s electric sports car is shaping up to be a thrilling and technologically advanced addition to their electric vehicle lineup. Enthusiasts and automotive fans alike eagerly await further updates on this exciting project.

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Q: What are the details shared by Akio Toyoda about Toyota’s electric sports car?

A: Akio Toyoda, Toyota’s Chairman, revealed that the electric sports car will feature a manual transmission with a clutch pedal, similar to the Lexus model. It will generate engine-like sounds and provide an immersive driving experience. Toyoda believes that drivers won’t be able to differentiate it from an internal combustion engine (ICE) car. However, specific release dates and production plans were not mentioned in the interview.

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