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Sneak Peek at the 2027 Porsche Cayenne EV

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Porsche Cayenne EV

Earlier in March, Porsche broke the news of the imminent arrival of their next-gen Cayenne, which will be an electric model. Now, we seem to have caught a glimpse of one of the earliest test mules through recently surfaced photos.

Despite bearing similarities to the myriad of prototypes for the electric Macan slated for release in early 2024, a few details suggest that this vehicle is indeed a test mule for the all-electric, fourth-gen Cayenne.

Overview of Porsche Macan

The distinguishing factors from the Macan EV prototypes include a significantly wider track, noticeable from the expanded wheel arches. There is also a variation in the incline of the windshield, and the wheelbase is marginally longer, indicated by the repositioned rear wheels.

Utilizing the Macan EV prototypes as a disguise for the Cayenne EV’s mechanics seems plausible, given that both vehicles are projected to use the PPE modular platform by Volkswagen Group, specially designed for premium EVs. This platform is sufficiently flexible to create models with both low and high ride heights across several size categories.

2027 Porsche Cayenne EV prototype sightings – Photo credit: Baldauf

For the Macan EV, the platform will accommodate a 98-kwh battery pack with a motor for each axle. A minimum combined output for one model is projected to exceed 603 hp, and the Cayenne EV could potentially deliver even higher outputs.

While not yet confirmed, an electric Cayenne could potentially include a four-motor powertrain. Such a system could provide not just substantial power outputs but also enhanced, precise control for torque vectoring. Porsche disclosed the development of a similar system back in 2019.

Upon announcing the Cayenne EV, Porsche indicated its release would follow the electric 718, which is planned for 2025 with a platform exclusive to sports cars. Plans for a three-row electric SUV positioned above the Cayenne have also been confirmed by Porsche. This model, expected in 2027, will likely use the next-gen SSP Sport platform. This would suggest that the Cayenne could potentially be launched in 2026, lining it up for a 2027 market debut.

2027 Porsche Cayenne EV prototype sightings – Photo credit: Baldauf

Volkswagen Group’s factory in Bratislava, Slovakia, is set to handle the production. This plant is currently manufacturing the gas-powered Cayenne that recently received a significant upgrade for 2024.

Porsche foresees that electric vehicles could comprise as much as 80% of their total sales by the close of the decade, which signifies a significant shift in their lineup from traditional engines to battery cells. According to Porsche, only the 911 model is likely to retain a gas engine by 2030.

An electric hypercar, previewed by the recent Mission X concept, is also probable in the future plans, although Porsche has not yet specified the timeline for this model’s debut.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Porsche Cayenne EV

What did Porsche announce about the next Cayenne?

Porsche announced that the next Cayenne will be an electric vehicle.

What are the clues suggesting the test mule is for the Cayenne EV?

The widened wheel arches indicating a wider track, the different slope of the windshield, and the slightly longer wheelbase are some of the clues suggesting it is a test mule for the Cayenne EV.

What platform is expected to be used for the Cayenne EV?

The Cayenne EV is expected to share the Volkswagen Group’s PPE modular platform designed for premium EVs, which is also being used for the electric Macan.

What powertrain options may be available for the electric Cayenne?

While not confirmed, it is speculated that the electric Cayenne may offer a four-motor powertrain, delivering high power outputs and precise torque vectoring control.

When is the expected release of the Cayenne EV?

The Cayenne EV is anticipated to arrive in 2026, making it likely to be a 2027 model for market launch.

Where will the production of the Cayenne EV take place?

The production of the Cayenne EV will be handled at Volkswagen Group’s plant in Bratislava, Slovakia.

What is Porsche’s sales projection for electric vehicles?

Porsche predicts that by the end of the decade, approximately 80% of its sales will be electric vehicles.

What other electric models are in Porsche’s future plans?

Porsche has plans for an electric 718 in 2025, a three-row electric SUV positioned above the Cayenne in 2027, and a potential electric hypercar in the works.

More about Porsche Cayenne EV

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AutoGeek88 July 6, 2023 - 11:45 pm

the macan ev prototypes and the cayenne ev test mule, man they look so similar. but hey, if they share the same platform, that’s cool. porsche’s doin’ big things with electric vehicles. gotta give ’em props for that.

SpeedDemon July 7, 2023 - 9:37 am

porshe’s goin’ electric? well, i guess we can say goodbye to those good ol’ gas engines. but hey, if they’re makin’ an electric cayenne, it better be quick. gotta have that speed, ya know? bring it on, porsche!

EVEnthusiast July 7, 2023 - 12:45 pm

porshe cayenne ev? that sounds amazin’! electric power is the futur, man. porsche is gonna kill it with this one. i bet it’s gonna be fast as h*ll. can’t wait to see it in action!

CarLover123 July 7, 2023 - 1:49 pm

oohh mann, did ya hear about the new 2027 Porsche cayenne ev? its gonna be electric, like wow! im lovin’ the spy shots too, really gives a sneak peek into porsche’s electrified future. cant wait to see it on the roadz!


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