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New Zealand-Based Rodin Announces Unsuccessful F1 Team Application

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Formula 1 Application

A New Zealand-based firm, Rodin, known for crafting track cars that can compete with contemporary racing vehicles, has disclosed that it submitted an application to join Formula 1. The company confirmed on Thursday that its bid was not approved by the FIA, the authoritative body responsible for regulating Formula 1 racing.

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In its formal statement, Rodin predicted that the sole successful new entrant into Formula 1 is likely to be America’s Andretti Global. Other applicants include an Asian motorsports startup named Lkysunz and the British racing organization, Hitech Grand Prix.

Operated by Michael Andretti, who is the owner of the successful IndyCar team Andretti Autosport and the son of the 1978 F1 world champion Mario Andretti, Andretti Global has secured financial support from General Motors. If successful, the team will compete under the banner of Andretti Cadillac.

Rodin’s FZED Track Car

In a bid to rally support among Formula 1 enthusiasts, Rodin outlined several compelling factors in its favor. Among these are its unique geographic location in the Southern Hemisphere, being the only team to be based in New Zealand. Additionally, as an existing car manufacturer, Rodin has the requisite infrastructure to support an F1 team. The company also pledged to reserve a seat for a female driver.

Rodin indicated that it had assessed the skills of Jamie Chadwick, a British racing driver, and was sufficiently impressed to extend her an offer to join its team, contingent on a successful application. Chadwick is currently affiliated with Andretti Autosport and competes in the IndyCar’s Indy NXT feeder series. The company also considered New Zealand’s Liam Lawson, who presently races for AlphaTauri in Formula 1 as a stand-in for the injured Daniel Ricciardo.

Funding for Rodin’s entry would have come entirely from the personal assets of its founder, David Dicker. Dicker, an Australian amateur racer and class champion in the Ferrari Challenge one-make series, amassed his wealth in the information technology sector.

Despite this disappointment, Rodin is pressing ahead with its automotive manufacturing ventures. It is in the process of developing a V-10 successor to its V-8-equipped Fzed, which will be dubbed the Fzero. Rodin has revealed that it is currently testing a prototype of the Fzero, though no timeline has been announced for its production.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Formula 1 Application

What is the key announcement in this text?

Rodin, a New Zealand-based track car manufacturer, announced that it applied to join Formula 1, but its application was rejected by the FIA.

Who are the notable competitors in this Formula 1 entry bid?

Aside from Rodin, Andretti Global from the United States, Lkysunz, an Asian-based motorsports startup, and Hitech Grand Prix from Britain also submitted entries for Formula 1.

Why did Rodin believe it had a strong case for joining Formula 1?

Rodin cited several reasons, including its unique Southern Hemisphere location in New Zealand, its status as a car manufacturer with the necessary infrastructure, and its commitment to offering a seat to a female driver.

Who were the potential drivers considered by Rodin for its Formula 1 team?

Rodin evaluated British racing driver Jamie Chadwick, who currently races for Andretti Autosport, and New Zealand driver Liam Lawson, who races for AlphaTauri as a potential replacement for Daniel Ricciardo.

How was Rodin planning to fund its Formula 1 entry?

Rodin intended to fund its Formula 1 entry through the personal wealth of its founder, David Dicker, who gained his fortune in the IT business.

What is Rodin’s next automotive project?

Rodin is working on developing a V-10 successor to its Fzed model, named the Fzero, which is expected to offer performance comparable to Formula 1 cars. However, no specific production timeline has been provided.

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RacerFan89 September 28, 2023 - 6:09 pm

rodn shud’v been in F1, gud to see they thoght bout female driver tho

CarEnthusiast September 28, 2023 - 6:13 pm

Fzero sounds excitin, hope they gt it on the track soon!

SpeedDemon123 September 29, 2023 - 6:53 am

Andretti looks strong, Rodin’s loss. Liam Lawson not rplacn’ Ricciardo, right?


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