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Mercedes CEO Demonstrates Electric G-Class’ Unique G-Turn Capability

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Electric G-Class Mercedes

Rivian initially showcased an R1T prototype executing a “tank turn” – a 360-degree rotation performed on the spot by counter-rotating the vehicle’s left and right wheels. This innovation inspired other car manufacturers to explore or introduce similar features. However, Rivian eventually abandoned this idea due to concerns about environmental damage and potential misuse, particularly on public paths. Conversely, GMC introduced the “crab walk” with its Hummer EV, utilizing a rear-wheel steering system to enable diagonal movement by aligning all four wheels.

Mercedes-Benz has hinted in the past about incorporating a tank turn-like feature in its future electric G-Class. Recently, a video was released showing Mercedes CEO Ola Källenius executing what they’ve termed the “G-Turn” on loose gravel (at the 8:53 mark in the video). This feature, set to be included in the electric G-Class, allows for a full rotation maneuver. The emission-free SUV is anticipated for release in 2024, probably as a 2025 model in the U.S.

Additionally, the electric G-Class will offer a modified tank turn capability for 90-degree turns, useful in navigating tight spaces obstructed by large rocks or trees. While the G-Turn and modified tank turn can be performed on harder surfaces, this might lead to considerable tire wear.

These advanced maneuvers are facilitated by four separate electric motors. According to the electric G-Class’ lead engineer, Fabian Schossau, this design was chosen for its precise torque delivery, enhancing off-road performance, especially when wheels frequently lose traction.

Mercedes unveiled the EQG concept in 2021 as a preview of the electric G-Class. At its debut, Mercedes assured that the production model would rival the off-road prowess of its combustion engine counterpart, capable of handling steep 100% gradients in appropriate conditions.

Mercedes also disclosed plans to equip the electric G-Class with an innovative silicon-anode battery technology, promising increased range without compromising design. This technology, developed by Mercedes-supported Sila, is expected to begin production in Washington State by mid-decade, initially for a “range-extended” version of the electric G-Class. Mercedes aims to employ this battery chemistry in other future models as well.

Testing of the electric G-Class prototypes is underway. Mercedes is also developing a smaller version of the G-Class, set to debut in the latter half of this decade, which will be available exclusively as an electric vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Electric G-Class Mercedes

What is the G-Turn feature in the electric G-Class Mercedes?

The G-Turn is a unique maneuverability feature in Mercedes’ upcoming electric G-Class, allowing the vehicle to perform a full 360-degree turn on loose surfaces. This is achieved by the innovative use of four independently controlled electric motors.

How does the electric G-Class’ tank turn feature differ from Rivian’s?

Unlike Rivian’s shelved tank turn feature, which caused environmental concerns, Mercedes’ electric G-Class offers a modified tank turn for 90-degree angles, useful in tight off-road conditions. It’s designed to minimize environmental impact while providing enhanced maneuverability.

When is the electric G-Class expected to be released, and what are its key features?

The electric G-Class is expected to be released in 2024 as a 2025 model in the U.S. It features advanced maneuverability with the G-Turn, a modified tank turn feature, and is powered by four separate electric motors for precise torque delivery, ideal for off-roading.

What advancements in battery technology are planned for the electric G-Class?

Mercedes plans to incorporate advanced silicon-anode battery chemistry in the electric G-Class, developed by Mercedes-backed Sila. This technology is expected to provide more range without design sacrifices and will begin production in Washington State by mid-decade.

Is Mercedes developing any other electric vehicles similar to the G-Class?

Yes, Mercedes is working on a smaller version of the G-Class, set to debut in the second half of the decade. This new model, referred to as the “baby brother” to the G-Class, will be exclusively available as an electric vehicle.

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