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Historic Ford GT40 Press Vehicle Offered on the U.K. Market

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Ford GT40 press car

The Ford GT40 is renowned for its victory over Ferrari in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, yet it was also conceived as a road vehicle. A scarce example of this street-legal variant is currently available for purchase in the United Kingdom via PistonHeads.

Constructed in 1967, the vehicle identified as chassis P/1069 belongs to the limited batch of 31 Mk 1 road models. This particular unit also holds the distinction of being an authentic press vehicle, lent to journalists for evaluation drives. The advertisement states that initially, the car was allocated to a Swiss enterprise linked with the Scuderia Filipinetti racing team for exhibition at the Geneva Auto Show in 1967. Originally finished in Opalescent Silver Blue, the vehicle was later repainted in Metallic Borneo Green specifically for the event.

Following its Geneva showcase, chassis P/1069 embarked on its role as a media vehicle under the auspices of Ford’s U.K. division. It featured in automotive publications, revisited the Geneva show in 1969, and was even road-tested by Graham Hill, the two-time Formula 1 champion, as indicated in the listing.

In 1971, chassis P/1069 was acquired by a collector and underwent a color change to yellow. Later ownership saw the car participate in vintage racing events, notably the Goodwood Revival in 2007. Subsequently, it was reverted to its original road configuration and restored to its initial Opalescent Silver Blue hue.

According to PistonHeads, genuine GT40s are a rarity, with an estimated total of 105 vehicles produced across the Mk 1 to Mk IV generations. Chassis P/1069 is a member of the initial, first-generation Mk 1 lineup. The succeeding Mk II iteration was responsible for Ford’s inaugural win at Le Mans in 1966, while the reengineered Mk IV claimed victory again in the following year. The Mk III, intended mainly as a road vehicle, was produced in exceedingly limited quantities—only seven units were manufactured.

Taking into account the exceptional narrative surrounding P/1069, it would not be startling to witness this vehicle fetching a multi-million dollar price at sale. For context, a GT40 that secured third place in the 1966 Le Mans race was auctioned for $9.7 million during its last sale, and a GT40 roadster prototype commanded nearly $7 million in 2014. For prospective buyers who find these amounts prohibitively expensive, a variety of more economical GT40 replicas exist, including versions that have been electrically converted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ford GT40 press car

What is the significance of chassis P/1069?

Chassis P/1069 is a historically important Ford GT40. It served as an original press car and has a unique story, making it a sought-after collector’s item.

How many Mk 1 road cars of the Ford GT40 were produced?

There were only 31 Mk 1 road cars of the Ford GT40 manufactured, making them quite rare and collectible.

Can you provide more details about the car’s history as a press vehicle?

Certainly. After being displayed at the 1967 Geneva Auto Show, chassis P/1069 became a press car for Ford’s U.K. division. It was featured in car magazines and even tested by Formula 1 champion Graham Hill.

Why did the car change colors over the years?

The car underwent color changes based on its various roles. Initially Opalescent Silver Blue, it was repainted Metallic Borneo Green for the Geneva Auto Show, then yellow under subsequent ownership, before being restored to its original Opalescent Silver Blue color.

Are there other GT40 replicas available for purchase?

Yes, there are more affordable GT40 replicas, including electric conversions, for those who may not be able to afford the high price of authentic GT40s at auction.

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The GT40, it won at Le Mans, cool history, I like it.

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Graham Hill tested it, super fast car! Gotta get it!

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I didn’t no there r replicas, mayB I can afford 1 of those.


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