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Get Ready: First Maybach EV Set to Debut at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

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Mercedes-Benz Maybach is planning to debut their first electric vehicle at the 2023 Shanghai auto show, happening this April. The electric car is based on the Mercedes EQS SUV and it will be called the EQS 680 SUV.

The outside of Maybach’s EQS SUV won’t look much different from the regular version, but it will have one special feature – a grille with a suit-pattern that looks like Maybach’s pinstripe design. This pattern was already seen on an EQS SUV concept displayed in 2021.

The Maybach EQS 680 SUV has lots of amazing features, compared to the standard EQS SUV. In addition to that, there might even be an option where two people can seat together at the back instead of three like in the normal case.

Also, the “680” part in its name implies that it will have more power than the standard one with only 536 horsepower rating. Its battery capacity is 107.8-kwh and it is said to be able to run for up to 305 miles after a full charge.

The Maybach EQS 680 SUV will be revealed right before the Shanghai Auto Show, which starts on April 17. Maybachs have been luxury version of Mercedes cars since they were rebooted in 2014. There is a dream to make their own standalone Maybachs since 2012, and now electric vehicle platforms are open and available for that purpose.

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