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2024 Porsche Cayenne: The Perfect Blend of Old-School and Modern Technology Design

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Porsche announced on Wednesday that they are introducing a new cockpit design in the 2024 Porsche Cayenne. The design has both an analog feel, like the classic Porsche 911 car, and modern digital aspects, like those found in its electric sedan called the Taycan. This means that the interior of this mid-size crossover SUV will be simpler and smarter, focusing on the driver. Porsche thinks that the driver is extremely important!

Ivo van Hulten, Porsche director of Driver Experience, said that it’s important to balance between the physical and digital worlds. He wants us to have fun while driving sports cars without getting distracted by all the technology around us.

The instrument cluster in your car has had a big makeover. The five analog dials have been replaced by a 12.7-inch LCD digital screen. You can switch between seven different views of it. Some features like navigation and night vision will be displayed at the front. There’s also an Assist display that shows what driver-assist functions are in use, and a Pure display showing only the speedometer with the head-up display turned off, ideal for Autobahn driving!.

The Signature view of the Porsche Cayenne will contain five digital dials plus a classic three-dial display showing the speedometer in the center, tachometer on the left and customizable options on the right. Porsche has carefully considered every detail when it comes to digitizing this cluster.

“van Hulten said it was a difficult conversation within the company,” talking about the 911’s legacy. “Eventually, we understood that this would give us more choice in the future. After releasing the Taycan car, we were free to do what we want, so we decided to go with a digital plan.”

The way technology is used affects the design of the car dashboard. The special hood that shields the dials and buttons from being too bright has been flattened. Porsche put a filter on their new Cayenne model that stops glares, just like when you wear polarized sunglasses.

The start button is still to the left of the steering wheel, and it comes with a drive-mode selector. Porsche changed where you put your gear, taking it away from the middle console and putting it on the dash right side of the wheel. The middle console has simpler controls, like heating buttons, a spot to store stuff and a volume knob so everything looks tidier.

The U.S has special controls to make sure their car climate is looked after, and the center console of the dashboard has changed a lot. It now comes with two handles on each side and a larger 12.3-inch touchscreen in the middle. If you want, there’s even an optional 10.9-inch touchscreen for passengers which can stream movies, shows and more!

Your smartphone comes with a charger that doesn’t need wires, as well as two USB-C ports in the storage console. To connect your phone, you just need to scan a special code displayed on the touchscreen. There are also two more USB-C ports located at the back of the console.

The new Porsche Cayenne comes with three screens that are horizontally arranged in the dash of the car. This setup is flanked by two wings with vertical vents but no louvers. Therefore, the dashboard design won’t be too crowded and confusing. At the very top sits an impressive Sport Chrono analog clock that looks like an eye watching over you! We will learn more about this new model when it has its world premiere on April 18th.

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