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Jeep Easter Safari Concepts: Exploring the Past and Future

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Every year, Jeep celebrates the past and future of their brand with something called the Easter Jeep Safari. They show off different kinds of cars they could make in the future, along with parts you can buy to customize your existing car.

Thursday, Jeep showed off seven cool cars. Five of them had new features based on old and future Jeep designs. The other two were built using special performance parts made just for Jeeps. All these cars will be on display at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah from April 1st to 9th. Let’s find out what each of these car have to offer!

“Take the Road Less Traveled

This fun car is perfect for going off-road. It’s color, called magenta, looks purple inside but in the sun it’s bright pink! There are also glossy black details on the car, and even something surprising in the interior – a fur-lined glovebox. That’s pretty cool, huh?

For off-roading, a Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator can be fitted with awesome features like super tough 37-inch mud tires, a suspension that can lift the car up to 5.5 inches in height, special bumpers, and a winch for hauling heavy things. The doors can also be swapped out for half-doors that let more air in. On top of all this, the car even has an electric powered top so it’s easy to open and close!

“Driving into the Future

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This is the third version of an electric Jeep Wrangler, so it’s called Magneto 3.0. It has a special motor that’s more powerful than before. It can generate 285 horsepower in its standard mode and 650 horsepower if you turn up the power. Also it can produce up to 900 lb-ft of torque – this is much more than the 273 max torque from 2021! To handle all that power, there’s a 6-speed manual transmission from the Hellcat Challenger that’s been strengthened for extra support. The wheels have also been updated with Dynatrac ProRock 60 for the front axle and ProRock 80 for the back .

The Jeep Wrangler is a special concept car which has a motor in the front, plus lots of batteries hidden in it. This year’s model has 20% more power that last year. It also has a switch so you will have powerful brakes when driving off-road and its one pedal setting allows for better control.

This year, Jeep added special tires and wheels to the Magneto. The 40-inch tires are on 20-inch wheels so you can drive further but it makes it better for going off-road. Plus, they modified some parts of the body such as widening the door opening by 6.0 inches, shifting the B-pillars back 2.4 inches to fit a custom roll bar, extending the front fenders out 2.0 inches and changing the angle of the windshield 12 degrees so it looks lower. This is supposed to be the last update to this model of Jeep Magento.

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This special car is a 1978 Cherokee that someone adapted using a more modern Wrangler Rubicon 4xe chassis and 37-inch off-road tires. The engine is called the 4xe powertrain and has two electric motors that combine to produce 375 horsepower. They made changes to the body of the car to fit this new setup, and make it look cooler too. It has an upgraded metal bumper with integrated winch, plus bigger but vintage-style wheels on 17-inch rims.

The outside may look new, but when you step inside this car it gives you a 1970s vibe. It includes fun features like an 8-track hi-fi player, a secret box to store items and even graffiti art on the roof! There’s room for two people with a special roll bar to make sure everyone is safe. Its custom interior looks super cool too!

“Unveiling the Jeep’s New, Unique Concept

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Ultimately, the potential here is enormous; it just depends on how you use it!

Jeep has created their fourth concept to reduce weight, after designs from 2011, 2013, and 2021. This one is based on a four-door Rubicon but made smaller with two doors and turned into a pickup truck. Special carbon fiber parts were used for the hood, front flares, back panels, roof, and body based on the look of the Gladiator’s tailgate and rear. The cool thing about this new Jeep is that its windshield leans back 12 degrees for an even better look. To really make it stand out., it’s painted in Sublime green color!

This cool concept uses an AccuAir suspension that makes it able to change the ride height. Its tires are a whopping 40 inches, which work well with 20-inch wheels on the jeep. To make it lighter in weight, they got rid of the rear seat, carpet and trim pieces. And to lose even more weight they took off the power hardtop and doors. It’s really lightweight now so this jeep should be super fast when you go off-roading – especially since its 6.4 liter V 8 engine gives it 470 hp!

“Experience Adventure and Success with the Grand Wagoneer!”

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The Grand Wagoneer is a vehicle that’s been seen at the Easter Safari and has been named Camp Lux. It comes with big, 35-inch BFGoodrich tires and a really powerful engine as it has the high-output version of the Hurricane twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-6 with 510 horsepower! The exterior features custom front and back bumpers in Industrial Green paint with gunmetal accents, plus it also has Warn winch for extras.

Jeep modified the car to make room for a special camper tent called the RedTail Overland Skyloft. It comes with lots of cool features like heating, air conditioning, lighting, internet connection and a 6-foot bed! To make space they removed the back seats and replaced the inside carpet with super-strong material that also lines the roof. The camper tent is made of glass windows and hard carbon fiber on one side, and it even has a different sunroof to help you get in.

The insides of the SUV are part of what makes overlanding so fun. You can kick back and watch movies in the rear entertainment system while sitting on a pair of comfy beanbag chairs. Jeep also added some extra touches like a fluffy throw rug, pillows, and beautiful interior lighting – which all add to the experience!

Conquer the Trails in Style

The Sideburn Gladiator was made to show off its cool Jeep Performance Parts. It has a grille guard at the front which can be folded down to be used as a bench, and it comes with an attached winch. The doors have been replaced by half-doors that give way to 11.0 inch bright LED lights on the windshield header. Its ride is improved even further with a 2.0 inch lift kit and Bilstein remote reservoir shocks which make space for 37 inch BFGoodrich tires.

The bed in this vehicle has a special feature called the Gladiator Sport Bar made of both carbon fiber and steel. It has two steps you can use to climb into the bed, plus it comes with tie-downs so you can keep boxes or anything else inside. You can even mount your bike or kayak onto the T-track rails siting on its top. In addition, there are also Molle panels for storage and RotoPaX containers if you need somewhere to store liquids. Furthermore, a spare tire of 37 inches fits a special mount and Jeep is also providing sideburn badges with it.

The inside of the car is covered in red-brown leather, which looks great with the yellow outside. It has 285 horses (horsepower) from its 3.6l V6 engine – enough to make sure you have fun while driving!

“Take the Departure

The Departure is a special type of car called a Wrangler Rubicon 4xe. It has big, flat fenders that make room for 37-inch tires from the brand BFGoodrich. It also comes with rock rails and a winch for pulling purpose, decorative panels at its back, super bright lights, a protector component for the headlight/grille and an extra lift kit that makes it look better.

This Jeep Performance Parts vehicle has special tube doors and a tube tailgate. The position of the tailgate can be changed; it can be either facing forward or backward. When it faces backwards, the spare tire sits higher so that it won’t stop the car from departing. If the tailgate is set facing forwards, it actually helps the car to depart easier.

The inside of the Departure looks so cool. It has leather seats in two different colors – light yellow and dark brown. You can easily clean its vinyl floor, which also has fun drains! There’s a place to attach a phone, GoPros, or dash cams on the dashboard too. Lastly, it has fantastic Dark Harbor Blue paint on the outside.

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