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For Sale: Renowned Porsche 962 Group C Racing Car

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Porsche 962 Group C For Sale

Regarded by aficionados and experts in the field as one of the most triumphant racing cars ever to grace the motorsport landscape, the Porsche 962 emerged in 1984. It was designed to succeed its already formidable predecessor, the 956. The 962 continued to be a competitive force well into the 1990s, earning accolades in both the European Group C and the initial IMSA GTP category in the United States.

An exceptional opportunity now presents itself, as one of these iconic vehicles is currently listed for sale at Mechatronik in Germany.

An Overview of the Porsche 911

This particular unit, identified by chassis number 165, was constructed in 1991 and initially served as a backup car for Porsche’s factory team. Nevertheless, it was subsequently loaned to the Obermaier Racing team for the Nürburgring segment of the 1991 FIA Sports Car World Championship. Piloted by Jürgen Oppermann and Otto Altenbach, the car achieved a commendable fourth-place finish, which would be its only racing appearance.

Subsequently, the vehicle returned to Porsche’s possession and was included in its esteemed collection until 1995. It was then sold to a dedicated client and remained under their ownership until 2019, when it was acquired by Mechatronik. The current asking price for this historical automotive piece is 1,449,000 euros, equivalent to approximately $1.534 million USD.

Details on Chassis No. 165 – Image Credited to Mechatronik

One of the remarkable aspects of this car is its exceptionally original condition, primarily due to its limited exposure to competitive racing. The previous owner opted to remove the Primagaz livery under which the car had raced and also instructed that the rear body panel utilized for the Nürburgring race be substituted with the original panel fitted when the car was initially assembled at Porsche’s motorsport headquarters in Weissach.

Equipped with a twin-turbo 2.6-liter flat-6 engine capable of generating approximately 680 horsepower, the 962 boasts a chassis with a weight under 2,000 pounds. The car also features ground-effects aerodynamics, masterfully engineered by the legendary Porsche engineer, Norbert Singer, making it an unparalleled force in its time.

Although the Porsche 962 may not dominate contemporary races as it once did, it remains an attractive option for enthusiasts. This is particularly due to an increasing number of historic motorsport events that permit the participation of venerable racing cars in category-specific competitions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Porsche 962 Group C For Sale

What year was the Porsche 962 Group C racing car introduced?

The Porsche 962 was introduced in the year 1984 as a successor to the 956. It remained a competitive force in motorsports until the 1990s.

Where is the Porsche 962 currently listed for sale?

The Porsche 962, with chassis number 165, is currently listed for sale at Mechatronik in Germany.

What is the asking price for this Porsche 962?

The current asking price for this specific Porsche 962 is 1,449,000 euros, which is approximately equivalent to $1.534 million USD.

What is unique about the condition of this Porsche 962?

This Porsche 962 is in an exceptionally original state, primarily due to its limited racing history. It was initially a backup vehicle for Porsche’s factory team and participated in only one race.

Who were the drivers of this car in its only race?

In its sole race during the Nürburgring segment of the 1991 FIA Sports Car World Championship, the car was driven by Jürgen Oppermann and Otto Altenbach.

Has the car undergone any modifications?

The previous owner requested the removal of the Primagaz livery and also opted to replace the rear body panel used during its Nürburgring race with the original rear panel.

What powers the Porsche 962?

The Porsche 962 is equipped with a twin-turbo 2.6-liter flat-6 engine that produces approximately 680 horsepower.

Are there opportunities to race this vintage car?

Although the Porsche 962 may not be as competitive in modern races, it is still eligible for a growing number of historic racing events, allowing it to compete in category-specific races.

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RaceTrackRoy October 2, 2023 - 7:53 pm

The fact that it’s only had one race and still in original condition is amazing. Whoever gets it is super lucky.

ClassicCarLover October 2, 2023 - 8:30 pm

This is like finding a rare diamond. The 962 has always been on my dream list. If only I had 1.5 million lying around haha.

SpeedsterJill October 3, 2023 - 12:18 am

oh man, a 962 that’s mostly original? Thats practically unheard of. Most are either stuck in museums or have been modified to death.

TechnoFan October 3, 2023 - 3:08 am

680 horsepower from a 2.6-liter? Those engineers were seriously ahead of their time. Norbert Singer is a legend.

InvestorJane October 3, 2023 - 4:45 am

Keep an eye on this, people. Classic cars like this are better investments than stocks sometimes. Especially ones with such pedigree.

EuroCarEnthusiast October 3, 2023 - 4:47 am

1.449 million euros? Seems like a bargain for a piece of automotive history. Plus its from Mechatronik, those guys know their stuff.

MikeGearhead October 3, 2023 - 5:57 am

Wow, a 962 up for sale? That’s a true gem right there, guys. The 80s and 90s were the golden age of motorsports if you ask me.

EcoWarrior October 3, 2023 - 9:01 am

It’s great that this piece of history is preserved but remember guys, those fuel-guzzlers aren’t exactly eco-friendly.


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