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Auction Alert: 1949 Aston Martin DB1 Goes Under the Hammer

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Aston Martin DB1 Auction

The name David Brown holds a significant place in the annals of Aston Martin history. In 1947, this enterprising individual and former tractor manufacturer assumed ownership of the company. It is his initials that adorn some of the most iconic Aston Martin models, including the renowned DB5, the more contemporary DB9, and the latest additions to the lineup, the DB12 and DBX models.

However, it is worth noting that the first model introduced during Brown’s tenure was an agile roadster originally christened the 2-Liter Sports. Later, it earned the moniker DB1. This exceptional automobile, of which only 15 were meticulously crafted between 1948 and 1950, is now slated to be auctioned off.

This specific vehicle, which bears the distinction of being number eight in the series, will find itself on the auction block at H&H Classics’ upcoming event scheduled for September 20 in the picturesque locale of Duxford, U.K.

Distinguished by chassis number AMC/49/8, this car was initially sold as a bare chassis to A.B. Hunter of Styles Lane, Park Langley. Mr. Hunter subsequently engaged the services of the esteemed coachbuilder Gurney Nutting to bestow upon it a splendid body.

As documented in the listing, the original 2.0-liter engine was swiftly replaced shortly after delivery due to mechanical issues. A later owner undertook the commissioning of the present-day bodywork, entrusting the task to Swallow Coachbuilding during the latter part of the 1950s.

The DB1 has passed through several hands over the years, including a tenure with former Aston Martin engineer Shaun Magee. During his ownership, notable modifications were made, including the installation of the current 2.6-liter engine, along with a front axle borrowed from the DB2 and a transmission sourced from the DB3S, all of which were designed to elevate the car’s performance. Mr. Magee successfully raced this exceptional machine in various Aston Martin Owners Club events.

In 1994, the current owner acquired the vehicle with the intention of restoring it to its original glory. Regrettably, progress was only made as far as dismantling the engine, as indicated in the listing.

The current estimated value for this classic masterpiece falls within the range of £100,000 to £140,000 British pounds, which translates to approximately $125,000 to $175,000. While this valuation may appear conservative for such a rare gem, it is worth noting that a series of modifications undertaken by successive owners over the years have transformed this DB1 into a unique and distinctive specimen that sets it apart from its original form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Aston Martin DB1 Auction

Q: What is the significance of the name David Brown in Aston Martin’s history?

A: David Brown’s name is pivotal in Aston Martin’s history as he purchased the company in 1947, leading to iconic models like the DB5.

Q: How rare is the 1949 Aston Martin DB1 being auctioned?

A: Only 15 DB1s were ever made between 1948 and 1950, making this auctioned model exceptionally rare.

Q: Can you tell me about the modifications made to this DB1 over the years?

A: Various owners made modifications, including a 2.6-liter engine, a front axle from the DB2, and a transmission from the DB3S for improved performance.

Q: Who are some notable previous owners of this DB1?

A: Former Aston Martin engineer Shaun Magee was one of the notable owners who raced the car successfully in Aston Martin Owners Club events.

Q: What is the estimated value of this classic Aston Martin DB1 at the auction?

A: The estimated value for this unique DB1 falls within the range of £100,000 to £140,000 British pounds, roughly $125,000 to $175,000.

Q: Where and when is this Aston Martin DB1 auction taking place?

A: The auction is scheduled for September 20 in Duxford, U.K., and will be conducted by H&H Classics.

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