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Aston Martin Trademarks the DB12: What Does it Mean?

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A new filing suggests that a new version of the sports car Aston Martin DB11 will come out soon and it might have a different name. The CarBuzz website saw this filing on March 17th from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This version of the car could appear in 2024 with some big changes – enough changes that the CEO said they would be like completely new cars!

Aston may be trying to call the new version of their DB11 car the DB12, which is an old model from 2017. They might be doing this in order to protect their brand, because back in 2014 they filed for trademarks for DB10 through DB14. The DB10 was used in a James Bond movie called “Spectre”, and the other names have never been used before.

Aston makes trademark filings in order to stop other companies from using the same naming system. The “DB” stands for David Brown, who bought Aston back in 1947 and kept it safe. Aston usually names their cars in order (ex: DB7, DB9 etc.) but they skipped over DB10 as this was a special movie car. Since then, production models have not come out in numerical order.

The upcoming refresh of the DB11 car will look similar to the current car. It will also feature a much better infotainment system, replaced from an outdated one and powered by Mercedes. Plus, it may have different versions of engines – like a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 from Mercedes or Aston’s own twin-turbo 5.2-liter V-12.

This year, Aston Martin is celebrating their 110th anniversary with the launch of a brand new and updated DB11 sports car. To mark the end of all the current model called DBS, they’ve also planned something special – a limited-edition version of the car named ‘DBS 770 Ultimate’. In addition to this, there are going to be more exciting models released in the coming years.

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