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Shelby to offer five new 1963 Cobra Dragonsnakes

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1963 Shelby Cobra Dragonsnake

Shelby American has recently announced the availability of five brand-new 1963 Shelby Cobra Dragonsnakes, each priced at $750,000.

The original Dragonsnake Cobras are extremely rare and highly sought-after competition vehicles manufactured by Shelby in the 1960s. Designed exclusively for drag racing, only a few were ever produced. In fact, one of them was sold last year for nearly $1.4 million.

Shelby’s reproduction cars will pay homage to specific originals, with a prototype displayed at the 2023 Carlisle Ford Nationals event in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This particular model commemorates the Cobra 289 Dragonsnake with chassis no. CSX2093, famously raced by Bruce Larson, a dominant figure in NHRA competitions in the Northeast during the mid-1960s. Larson himself was present at the recent Ford gathering to help unveil the reproduction. Similar to the original, it boasts a vibrant Fuchsia Metallic paint job.

In 1966, Ed Hedrick purchased the original CSX2093 and continued its remarkable winning streak. He emerged victorious in every national-level NHRA competition he entered, solidifying chassis CSX2093’s status as the most successful drag-racing Cobra of all time.

Shelby reveals that the CSX2093 chassis initially began as a road-worthy Cobra before its transformation into a Dragonsnake. Numerous modifications were made, including the addition of rear fender flares, American Racing wheels, drag radials, a roll bar, and a Sun tachometer, along with various chassis enhancements. Additionally, the car was equipped with a hard-top roof to enhance aerodynamics.

Gary Patterson, President of Shelby, explained, “The 1960s Shelby Dragonsnake program began when a small group of young Shelby American production employees developed and drag raced a pair of the roadsters to amazing success. We reopened Dragonsnake production so fans can experience the thrill of launching a new Shelby Cobra down the quarter mile.”

Shelby will not be directly responsible for constructing the new cars. Legendary GT Continuation Cars, a Pennsylvania-based company with prior experience building vehicles for Shelby, has been entrusted with this task. The five cars will feature aluminum bodies and authentic chassis with 4.0-inch round tube main rails. At least one of the reproductions will pay homage to Larson’s car.

The suspension and brakes on the new Dragonsnakes will mirror those used in the 1960s, while the wheels will be custom 15-inchers in the original style, wrapped in Mickey Thompson drag radials. Notable features will include an aluminum radiator, an electric cooling fan, 3.0-inch lap belts, and a dashboard-mounted tachometer and rearview mirror.

Under the hood, a 364-cubic-inch aluminum V-8 engine will reside, topped by a Weber carburetor system and mated to a Tremec 5-speed manual transmission. Shelby claims that the engine will generate 500 horsepower, and with a weight of approximately 2,100 pounds, the reproduction Dragonsnake will be a spirited performer.

Building one of these reproduction cars is expected to take approximately one year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about 1963 Shelby Cobra Dragonsnake

What are the 1963 Shelby Cobra Dragonsnakes?

The 1963 Shelby Cobra Dragonsnakes are rare and powerful competition vehicles built by Shelby American during the 1960s. They were specifically designed for drag racing and are highly sought-after by car enthusiasts.

How much do the reproduction Dragonsnakes cost?

Each reproduction 1963 Shelby Cobra Dragonsnake is priced at $750,000. This reflects the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into recreating these iconic vehicles.

Are the reproduction cars identical to the original Dragonsnakes?

The reproduction Dragonsnakes aim to faithfully honor the distinct originals. They feature aluminum bodies, authentic chassis, and various modifications inspired by the original models. However, there may be slight differences due to modern manufacturing techniques and materials.

Who is responsible for building the reproduction Dragonsnakes?

Legendary GT Continuation Cars, a company based in Pennsylvania, has been entrusted with the task of constructing the reproduction 1963 Shelby Cobra Dragonsnakes. They have previous experience in building cars for Shelby.

How long does it take to build one of the reproduction cars?

It takes approximately one year to build one of the reproduction 1963 Shelby Cobra Dragonsnakes. This ensures that each vehicle is meticulously crafted to meet the high standards set by Shelby and provide an authentic driving experience.

Can the reproduction Dragonsnakes be used for drag racing?

Absolutely! These reproduction cars are designed to offer the same exhilarating performance as the original Dragonsnakes. With their powerful engines, lightweight construction, and drag racing enhancements, they are ready to tear up the quarter mile.

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CarEnthusiast23 June 8, 2023 - 9:15 pm

Wow, these 1963 Shelby Cobra Dragonsnakes are like super rare and super cool. They cost a whopping $750,000, but man, they’re worth every penny! Can’t wait to see one on the road!

SpeedDemon87 June 8, 2023 - 9:15 pm

The original Dragonsnakes were the bee’s knees back in the day. Super fast and super mean. Now they’re bringing ’em back? That’s gnarly, dude! I’d give anything to take one for a spin.

VintageCarFanatic June 8, 2023 - 9:15 pm

The attention to detail in reproducing these Dragonsnakes is impressive. They’ve really captured the essence of the original Cobras. I’d love to add one of these to my classic car collection. Time to start saving up!

DragRaceKing June 8, 2023 - 9:15 pm

Finally, a chance to experience the thrill of drag racing in a brand-new Shelby Cobra. These reproduction Dragonsnakes are gonna tear up the quarter mile. Can’t wait to see how they perform against the classics!

AutoHistoryBuff June 8, 2023 - 9:15 pm

The Dragonsnake program was a game-changer for Shelby American. It’s amazing how they dominated the drag racing scene back in the 60s. Kudos to Shelby for bringing back this iconic piece of automotive history.


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