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2026 Audi A7 Avant: Latest Spy Shots Reveal A6 Wagon’s Successor

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Audi A7 Avant 2026

2026 Audi A7 Avant: Latest Spy Shots Reveal A6 Wagon’s Successor

Recent spy shots have unveiled a prototype of the forthcoming Audi A7 Avant wagon, marking its initial appearance.

Slated for a tandem launch with a reimagined A7 Sportback hatchback, the new addition to the A7 lineup is expected to debut around 2025. Its arrival in the U.S. remains uncertain, although the hatchback variant is anticipated as a 2026 model in this market. Since its introduction in the 2019 model year, the current A7 Sportback is nearing the time for an overhaul.

Audi A7 Developments

The upcoming A7 Avant is set to supersede the present A6 Avant, which is transitioning to an electric version for its forthcoming generation. Spotted prototypes of the electric A6 Avant E-Tron and the A6 E-Tron sedan prelude this shift.

Audi is implementing a similar revamp in the A5 series, which will soon feature a new A5 Sportback and an A5 Avant, the latter replacing the existing A4 Avant. Anticipate that the future A4 Avant (and the A4 sedan) will also adopt electric propulsion. This change aligns with Audi’s recent announcement, outlining a new naming convention: electric models will bear even numbers, while models with traditional combustion engines will carry odd numbers.

Insight into the 2026 Audi A7 Avant

Despite no official announcement from Audi regarding the next A7, it is likely that the vehicle will continue on the MLB platform of the current generation, albeit with potential modifications. As Audi moves towards phasing out combustion engines in most markets by the end of the decade, a new platform for the next A7 seems improbable.

The A7 Avant prototype exhibits a more athletic and defined design compared to the existing A6 Avant, aligning with its association with the future A7 Sportback. Notable design elements include a prominent front grille and broad, robust rear hips that incorporate side vents below the tail lights. Interestingly, the prototype suggests a shift in Audi’s design, featuring exhaust tips on one side of the rear fascia for certain models.

A conspicuous yellow sticker on the prototypes indicates testing of an electrified powertrain, possibly a plug-in hybrid system.

Plans for a high-performance RS 7 Avant are also underway, likely with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. This model will take the place of the current RS 6 Avant, which, as per rumors, may conclude with a special GT version, already seen in prototype form.

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