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Auction of 2004 Range Rover Previously Owned by Queen Elizabeth II Underway

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Range Rover Auction

A 2004 model of the Land Rover Range Rover, previously in the possession of Queen Elizabeth II, is currently available for bidding in the United Kingdom through Iconic Auctioneers.

The fleet of vehicles associated with the British royal family has included several unique and luxurious models, among them a convertible Range Rover used for parades. This particular unit, however, seems to largely adhere to the standard specifications of a third-generation Range Rover.

Special modifications tailored to royal requirements feature additional lighting fixtures in the front grille, a partition to accommodate pets, a cargo area mat, side-access steps, and mudguards, as per the details provided in the auction listing. Furthermore, the vehicle includes dual rear-window switches and handles near the rear windows to facilitate easier ingress and egress—a common fixture in vehicles historically used by the late British monarch.

Official documentation indicates that this Range Rover was initially registered in 2004 and was procured through Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division. Consistent with the usual discretion surrounding royal assets, more explicit details about its ownership history remain undisclosed. However, footage showing Queen Elizabeth II at the wheel of this specific Range Rover, identifiable by its license plate number BN04 EPU, serves as the primary substantiation for its royal lineage.

Currently, the right-hand-drive vehicle displays an odometer reading of 109,675 miles. It underwent servicing earlier this year and holds a valid U.K. registration until November 7, 2024. Prospective buyers in the United States should be aware that the vehicle may present import complications. Although this generation of the Range Rover was available in the U.S. market, this particular vehicle does not conform to U.S. specifications and is not eligible for the 25-year exemption on imported foreign-market cars.

The auction house anticipates that the final selling price for this Range Rover will fall between £50,000 and £60,000, equivalent to approximately $61,285 to $73,542 at prevailing exchange rates. While a Range Rover of this generation would typically not attract such elevated bids, the value of its royal provenance cannot be dismissed. For context, a 1985 Ford Escort RS Turbo S1, previously owned by Princess Diana, fetched a staggering sum of $846,000 in a sale conducted last year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Range Rover Auction

What is the make and model of the vehicle up for auction?

The vehicle up for auction is a 2004 Land Rover Range Rover.

Who was the previous owner of this Range Rover?

The previous owner of this Range Rover was Queen Elizabeth II.

Through which auction house is this Range Rover being sold?

The vehicle is being auctioned through Iconic Auctioneers in the United Kingdom.

Are there any special modifications to the vehicle?

Yes, the Range Rover features royal-specific modifications such as additional lights in the front grille, a dog barrier, a cargo area mat, side steps, and mudguards.

What is the current odometer reading on the Range Rover?

The vehicle shows an odometer reading of 109,675 miles.

Is the vehicle currently registered?

Yes, the Range Rover is currently registered in the United Kingdom and holds a valid registration until November 7, 2024.

What is the expected selling price of the vehicle?

The auctioneers anticipate that the vehicle will sell for a price between £50,000 and £60,000.

Can this vehicle be imported to the United States?

Importing the vehicle to the U.S. may be challenging. Although this generation of Range Rover was available in the U.S., this specific vehicle does not meet U.S. specifications and does not qualify for the 25-year exemption on foreign-market cars.

Is there any evidence supporting the claim of royal ownership?

Yes, there is footage showing Queen Elizabeth II driving this specific Range Rover, identifiable by its license plate number BN04 EPU.

Have other royal vehicles fetched high prices at auction?

Yes, a 1985 Ford Escort RS Turbo S1 previously owned by Princess Diana sold for an astounding $846,000 last year.

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John Smith October 29, 2023 - 5:04 pm

Wow, never thought a Range Rover could fetch that much. Royals sure know how to up the value, don’t they?

Mark Johnson October 29, 2023 - 11:51 pm

Importing this to the US would be a nightmare, but imagine driving around in a car that the Queen used to own. kinda cool, actually.

Emily Williams October 30, 2023 - 6:18 am

is it me or does the Queen have more custom stuff in her car than most of us? Extra lights and a dog barrier? She really thought of everything.

Jane Doe October 30, 2023 - 9:02 am

interesting to see what ppl are willing to pay just cause it’s got a royal backstory. But hey, if they’ve got the money, why not?

Robert Lee October 30, 2023 - 11:23 am

That Ford Escort selling for $846k last year was insane! Wonder how high this one will go, considering it’s a Range Rover.


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