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2025 BMW i4 coming in for first update

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BMW i4 facelift

In preparation for its mid-cycle update of the 4-Series range, BMW is actively developing the revised 2025 models, which are set to include the i4 electric hatchback variant. This prototype was recently spotted near a BMW test center in Germany, giving us a glimpse of what’s to come.

The forthcoming update will bring a fresh look to both the front and rear ends of the i4, as indicated by the camouflage gear on the prototype. Notably, the lighting internals will also receive a new design, enhancing the overall aesthetics. However, one enduring feature remains unchanged: the sizable and somewhat contentious kidney grille, which, on the i4, is fully sealed to enhance aerodynamic efficiency.

Inside the vehicle, BMW’s test drivers have taken precautions to keep the dashboard concealed from view, hinting at interior adjustments. It is likely that the latest iteration of BMW’s iDrive infotainment system, scheduled for release in November, will be incorporated into the i4. This updated system streamlines user interaction by consolidating popular functions on a single level for swift and convenient access.

As for the powertrain options, details remain scant. Given that the i4 was introduced just last year in 2022, significant updates in this regard are unlikely. In the United States, the i4 is currently available in eDrive35, eDrive40, and M50 trims.

The eDrive35 variant boasts a rear single motor producing 218 horsepower, coupled with a 70.2-kilowatt-hour battery, achieving an EPA-rated range of up to 256 miles. The eDrive40 features a rear single motor producing 335 horsepower, while the M50 boasts a dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup with an impressive 536 horsepower. Both models are equipped with an 83.9-kilowatt-hour battery, providing an EPA-rated range of up to 301 miles for the eDrive40 and 271 miles for the M50.

Production of the i4 takes place at a facility in Munich, Germany, maintaining the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Notably, this update extends beyond the i4, with other members of the 4-Series family undergoing testing as well. This includes the 4-Series coupe, 4-Series convertible, 4-Series Gran Coupe, and the M4 coupe. Additionally, there are rumors circulating that a high-performance M4 CS may also be introduced as part of this comprehensive update.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about BMW i4 facelift

What changes are expected in the 2025 BMW i4 facelift?

The 2025 BMW i4 facelift is anticipated to bring refreshed design elements, including updated front and rear ends and new lighting internals. Interior tweaks are also likely, potentially featuring the latest BMW iDrive infotainment system.

Will the i4’s powertrains receive updates in the 2025 model?

It’s unlikely that the i4’s powertrains will see significant changes in the 2025 model, as the model was introduced in 2022. Currently, the i4 is offered in eDrive35, eDrive40, and M50 variants in the U.S.

Where is the BMW i4 produced?

Production of the BMW i4 takes place at a facility in Munich, Germany, maintaining BMW’s reputation for quality craftsmanship.

Are there updates planned for other members of the 4-Series family?

Yes, alongside the i4, other members of the 4-Series family, including the coupe, convertible, Gran Coupe, and M4 coupe, are undergoing testing for potential updates.

Is there any information about a new M4 CS model?

There are rumors circulating about the possibility of a high-performance M4 CS being introduced as part of the 4-Series update, but no official details have been confirmed at this time.

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