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Race Fans Rejoice! Michael Schumacher’s Legendary Ferrari F2000 F1 Race Car is Heading to Auction

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RM Sotheby’s will be holding an auction for a Ferrari Formula 1 race car that was driven by Michael Schumacher when he first started racing with the Scuderia team. If you’re interested in this auction, you’ll have to submit your bid between April 3-12.

Michael Schumacher joined Ferrari in 1996 and he wanted to make it better. It lasted until 2000 when Michael won the Drivers’ championship and Ferrari won the Constructors’ championship at the same time. After that, Michael and Ferrari kept on winning for 4 years straight up to the 2004 season.

Two people named Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne worked together to create a really fast car called the F2000. During that season, Michael Schumacher drove this car in 17 races and won nine of them while also getting nine pole positions. His teammate Rubens Barichello even won a race too!

The car being auctioned off is chassis 198, which Michael Schumacher used to win the 2000 Brazilian Grand Prix and also get a pole position (first place on the starting line) and fifth place overall at that year’s Spanish Grand Prix. Additionally, this is also the car he drove when he achieved a pole position in his only Monaco race with Ferrari. He was close to winning but sadly had to retire due to a broken part on the car.

The car was raced at the 2000 Austrian Grand Prix, but it crashed into another car and couldn’t continue. Ferrari fixed up the car, though no one used it again after that. The company put it on show in 2001 and a collector from Texas bought it. In 2016, the current owner bought it from him and since then have been taking it to track days for people to drive around.

Recently, some cars that were previously used by the famous Formula 1 racecar driver Michael Schumacher have gone on sale. Two of them are type Ferrari F300 from 1998 and one of those cars won every competition it had entered into! In 2019, a Ferrari F2002 driven by Schumacher was sold in an auction for almost $6 million; then two years later, in 2022, another F2003-GA car sold for around $15 million at a different auction.

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