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Porsche App Now Generates Beautiful Scenic Routes for You

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Driving makes many people relax and be in the moment. Now, Porsche has made it even easier to wind down on the open road with its updated Roads by Porsche App. With this new feature, drivers can enjoy a whole new level of customizing their routes with its scenic route generation software. It offers more than 180,000 users the opportunity to generate stunningly beautiful routes, view a route of the week and find points of interest for their journeys. Additionally, it includes a brand-new interface, region-based dashboard, search filters and other amenities. Driving has never been easier since the updated Porsche App is here – so let’s take a look and see how it can help you find the best scenic route for your next journey!

The latest update to the Porsche app has made it more versatile and capable than ever. With its new scenic route generation, drivers can customize their routes to find the most beautiful and interesting roads. This is the perfect tool for the adventurous driver in all of us – now you can explore the world on your own terms, while never missing your destination.

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