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Morgan Advances in EV Arena with Experimental Electric 3-Wheeler, XP-1

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Morgan Electric 3-Wheeler

In a near breakthrough in 2020, Morgan almost introduced an electric variant of its then-current three-wheeler model, but the initiative was unexpectedly shelved.

Fast forward to the present, Morgan has unveiled an electric iteration of its newest three-wheeler model, the Super 3. However, similar to its predecessor, this electric version, named XP-1, is not slated for production.

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Unveiled this Wednesday, the XP-1, labeled as Experimental Prototype number one, is Morgan’s strategic move towards incorporating electric vehicle (EV) technology into its future product lineup. This prototype not only serves as a platform for testing EV technologies but also marks Morgan’s endeavor to enhance its electric vehicle expertise, a significant shift from its traditional focus on classic British automotive design. Remarkably, the XP-1’s powertrain represents Morgan’s first entirely self-developed powertrain in its 114-year legacy.

The project aims to achieve two primary objectives. Firstly, it seeks to replicate the driving experience of Morgan’s current combustion engine models in future electric versions. Secondly, it focuses on creating an electric powertrain that maintains the brand’s hallmark of lightness.

Morgan XP-1 Prototype

The XP-1 is equipped with a 134-horsepower electric motor and a 33-kWh battery, projected to offer a range of about 150 miles. Its dry weight stands at roughly 1,543 pounds, marginally heavier than the Super 3’s 1,400 pounds.

Additional attributes of the XP-1 include bidirectional charging capability, an external display for battery charge level, and wheels designed for aerodynamic efficiency.

Post its unveiling, the XP-1 will enter a rigorous two-year testing phase. During this period, it will be subject to continuous modifications and enhancements as part of its development process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Morgan Electric 3-Wheeler

What is the Morgan XP-1?

The Morgan XP-1 is an experimental electric version of the latest three-wheeler, the Super 3, developed by Morgan. It serves as a test bed for electric vehicle (EV) technology that the company plans to use in future production models.

Has Morgan developed the XP-1’s powertrain in-house?

Yes, the powertrain of the XP-1 is the first fully in-house developed powertrain in Morgan’s 114-year history, marking a significant milestone in the company’s move towards electric vehicle technology.

What are the main goals of the Morgan XP-1 project?

The primary goals of the XP-1 project are to learn how to transfer the driving characteristics of Morgan’s current gas-powered models to future electric versions and to develop a lightweight electric powertrain that retains Morgan’s signature qualities.

What are the specifications of the Morgan XP-1’s electric motor and battery?

The Morgan XP-1 is equipped with a 134-hp electric motor and a 33-kWh battery. It is estimated to deliver around 150 miles of range.

What is the weight of the Morgan XP-1, and how does it compare to the gas-powered Super 3?

The XP-1 has a dry weight of approximately 1,543 pounds, which is slightly higher than the 1,400 pounds of the gas-powered Super 3.

What unique features does the Morgan XP-1 offer?

The Morgan XP-1 includes features like bidirectional charging, an external charge level indicator, and aerodynamically optimized wheels.

What is the future plan for the Morgan XP-1 prototype?

After its unveiling, the XP-1 will undergo a two-year intensive test program, during which the prototype will be routinely modified and upgraded as part of its development.

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