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Honda is building electric cars for kids in hospitals

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Pediatric Hospital Electric Cars

Approximately two years ago, Honda introduced a miniature electric vehicle known as the Shogo, with the primary aim of alleviating the stress and anxiety experienced by children during their hospital stays. Specifically, this initiative was implemented at the Children’s Hospital Of Orange County in California.

From the outset, Honda had a vision to produce more Shogo vehicles, with the name “Shogo” being derived from a Japanese phrase signifying “soaring into the future.” Recently, Honda reaffirmed its commitment to this endeavor by announcing plans to manufacture and distribute an additional 60 Shogo vehicles to children’s hospitals across the nation.

Notably, two brand-new Shogo vehicles have already been assembled and delivered, finding their way to Akron Children’s in Akron, Ohio, and Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana. Honda’s dedicated team of engineers developed the Shogo as a ride-on vehicle, and it is currently being manufactured by Honda’s U.S.-based HPD motorsports division, soon to be renamed HRC US.

These vehicles serve the crucial purpose of transporting young patients within the hospital premises, facilitating their movement to medical procedures and appointments. The Shogo is specifically tailored for children between the ages of four and nine, featuring a steering wheel equipped with a stop-and-go controller. With a top speed of approximately 5 mph, safety is a paramount consideration in its design.

Furthermore, the Shogo incorporates various features aimed at making the hospital experience more enjoyable for young patients. These include a front-mounted toy bucket for carrying personal items, convenient cup holders, a center horn with multiple sound options, and a slot for a customizable license plate, allowing each rider to display their name proudly.

Each individual Shogo is also assigned its unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), discreetly marked on an aluminum plate concealed within the chassis, underscoring Honda’s commitment to quality and safety in this thoughtful initiative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pediatric Hospital Electric Cars

Q: What is the purpose of Honda’s Shogo electric cars for kids in hospitals?

A: The purpose of Honda’s Shogo electric cars is to ease the stress and anxiety of children staying in hospitals. These vehicles are designed to transport young patients to and from medical procedures and appointments within the hospital, providing them with comfort and joy during their hospital stays.

Q: How many Shogo electric cars is Honda planning to build for children’s hospitals?

A: Honda has announced plans to build and deliver an additional 60 Shogo electric cars to children’s hospitals nationwide, reaffirming their commitment to this project.

Q: Who developed and manufactures the Shogo electric cars?

A: The Shogo electric cars were developed in-house by Honda engineers and are manufactured by Honda’s U.S.-based HPD motorsports division, which will soon become HRC US.

Q: What age group is the Shogo electric car designed for?

A: The Shogo electric car is designed for young patients aged from four to nine, providing them with a safe and enjoyable mode of transportation within the hospital.

Q: What features make the hospital experience more fun for children using the Shogo electric cars?

A: The Shogo electric cars come equipped with various features to enhance the hospital experience for children, including a toy bucket for personal items, cup holders, a customizable license plate slot, and a center horn with different sound options.

Q: How fast can the Shogo electric cars go?

A: The top speed of the Shogo electric cars is approximately 5 mph, ensuring the safety of the young patients while they are using these vehicles within the hospital.

Q: Is each Shogo electric car uniquely identified?

A: Yes, each Shogo electric car is assigned its own Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), marked on an aluminum plate hidden within the chassis, emphasizing Honda’s commitment to quality and safety in this initiative.

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PoliticsBuff September 26, 2023 - 9:14 pm

Even in politics, gotta appreciate Honda’s hospital support with Shogo cars!

JohnSmith12 September 26, 2023 - 9:33 pm

Wow, dis Shogo car idea is realy nice. Helps da kids in hospitals, bro. Honda rocks!

CryptoQueen September 27, 2023 - 12:12 am

Haha, Honda buildin’ lil’ electric cars for da tiny humans. Dat’s some sweet news, fam!

CarEnthusiast23 September 27, 2023 - 3:41 am

Shogo cars for kids, cool beans! Honda’s doin’ somethin’ special here.

EconGuru September 27, 2023 - 9:56 am

Honda’s Shogo project’s got heart. Helps reduce stress in kids at hospitals, aww!


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