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DeLorean Reduces Alpha5 Electric Car Production by Half

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In the world of electric vehicles, DeLorean Motor Company is making a comeback. The famed automaker, best known for its iconic time-traveling vehicle from the Back to the Future movie franchise, is currently in the process of producing its first electric vehicle, the Alpha5. Already much anticipated, the Alpha5 has now become even more intriguing as DeLorean has announced that it is cutting production of the Alpha5 by more than half. Let us take a closer look at the specifications and cost of this vehicle and when it will hit the roads.

The news of DeLorean reducing their production of the Alpha5 electric car by more than half is a major disappointment to those hoping to see more of the revolutionary vehicle on the roads. While the reasons for the cut remain unclear, one thing is sure: the Alpha5 electric car is no longer the highly anticipated game-changer it once was. With this reduction in production, DeLorean will have to make some major changes to their strategy if they plan to stay competitive in the ever-growing electric car market.

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